Living Lightly

A journey through Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E.)

Jenny Light

Little at a Time, A

Homeopathy for You and Those You Love

Mary English

Inner Heart of Reiki, The

Rediscovering Your True Self

Frans Stiene

Live Love Soul

A Soul's Guide to Happy

Machel Shull

Nursing by Heart

transformational self-care for nurses

Julie Skinner

Cancer Survivorship Coping Tools - We'll get you through this

Tools for cancer's emotional pain from a melanoma and breast cancer survivor

Barbara Tako

New Life Stories

Journeys of Recovery in a Mindful Community

Hilary H. Carter

Re-humanizing Medicine

A Holistic Framework for Transforming Your Self, Your Practice, and the Culture of Medicine

David Raymond Kopacz

Case of the Disappearing Cancer, The

And other stories of illness and healing, life and death

Louis Heyse-Moore

Shit Happens! Homeopathic Remedies Nov 24 2015

Why Diarrhoea Can Be Caused by Things Other Than Food by Mary English Mary English DSH, MFHT a Homeopath based in Bath, UK gives us some advice on homeopathic first aid treatment for diarrhoea o...

Healing Meditation by Wendy Stokes Nov 8 2015

Healing Meditation This gentle meditation, written by Wendy Stokes and delivered by Jo Barnard, takes you on a journey of healing where you will tune into the needs of your body, mind and soul, and a...

Crystal Prescriptions Volume 4 by Judy Hall Nov 3 2015

Benefits of Awakened Kundalini As little actual scientific study has been done on the effects of kundalini much of the information comes from anecdotal evidence and hundreds of years of esoteric r...

You Are Beautiful Mirror Meditation by Dielle Ciesco Nov 2 2015

You Are Beautiful Mirror Meditation  Do you feel beautiful? Do you know how beautiful you are? This mirror meditation is about recognizing and appreciating your true beauty.

NCB Awareness Month: Vits, Tips and Resources Oct 24 2015

by Margaret Cahill from her ongoing blog There wasn’t room for this in the book, and websites and information change all the time, so I thought it would be better to post it on the blog. Here is ...

NCB Awareness Month: B17 Treatment for Lung Cancer Oct 21 2015

You Can Beat Lung Cancer by Carl O. Helvie, R.N., Dr.P.H. Can you overcome lung cancer without harsh chemicals, surgery and debilitation? Are alternative interventions effective? Why do conventiona...

NCB Awareness Month: The Case of the Disappearing Cancer Oct 20 2015

by Dr Louis Heyse-Moore Extract: The referral seemed quite straightforward: a request for home support for a woman with advanced, metastatic cancer. I noted from information given that she had ...