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The Amanita Rubescens Experience

Stuart Deeks

Mar 2013

A fungus says ‘Eat me’. It becomes a medicine. Transforming and radical. Heals hurts and hearts. Far reaching and timely.

Chakras Made Easy, The

Hilary H. Carter

Jan 2013

This is probably the most down to earth, easy to understand, practical and helpful guide to the chakras yet written.

Attributes of Mastery

Blanca Beyar

Dec 2012

A powerful self-help book for today's spiritual readers that will inspire, empower and pave a path towards self-mastery.

You Can Beat Lung Cancer

Using Alternative/Integrative Interventions

Carl O. Helvie, R.N., Dr.P.H.

Nov 2012

Significantly increase your chances of long-term lung cancer survival by using holistic Alternative/Integrative interventions by physicians/ health practitioners.

Reiki Jin Kei Do

The Way of Compassion and Wisdom

Steve Gooch

Sep 2006

Seeds of Change

Eva Suzannah

Oct 2012

This is the story of your wildest dreams, your highest hopes and your bravest adventure. All in one little book.

Jacket Technique, The

Being free from your excess baggage, you can take the first step towards effortless living

Hans de Waard

Sep 2012

Find a life that truly fits.  

So You Want To be A Healer?

Billy Roberts

Jun 2012

The perfect handbook for all aspiring healers, teaching all about universal healing energies.

Patient in Room Nine Says He's God, The

Louis Profeta

Sep 2010

The Patient in Room Nine Says He's God is a roller coaster ride of joy, controversy, triumph and tragedy; often on the same page.

Menopause: a Natural and Spiritual Journey

Colette Brown

May 2012

Menopause as a natural, spiritual journey. For women who wish to take possession of their menopause, not the other way round!

Guiding Philosophy for the Future of Healthcare, The

It s Not What You Think(Actually It Is What You Think!)

Nancy Gordon

May 2012

In order to become healthy and whole we must begin to view and treat the body-mind-spirit as ONE.

Creation of a Consciousness Shift, The

Paul Lenda

Feb 2012

An inspiring guide that shows the reader how to experience a life-changing shift in consciousness.

Incomplete Guide to Yoga, The

Charlotte Carnegie

Jan 2012

The only book you need to read about yoga.... first.

Death on a Fork

and how to avoid it

Gwynne Davies

Oct 2011

cancer, chlamydia, campylobacter, hyperactivity, obesity, migraine etc. Suffer from these? Then read Death on a Fork and get better.

Seasonal Awareness and Wellbeing

Looking and Feeling Better the Easy Way

Marie-Claire Wilson

Oct 2011

Adapting your health and wellbeing practices to the seasons can bring effortless improvements in how you feel and look.

Letting Go of Ed

A Guide to Recovering from Your Eating Disorder

Pippa Wilson

Aug 2011

A practical, gentle, hopeful guide to letting go of your eating disorder that focuses on healing the causes, not the symptoms.

Pulp Med

Petros Arguriou

Jun 2011

Meet modern medicine. According to her you are nothing but an organic machine. And if you are a machine then your society is nothing but a factory. Pulp Med sets out to correct these established erroneous and dangerous health perceptions.

Healthy Eating and Pollution Protection for Kids

Parents' Guide

Dave Reavely

May 2011

Healthy Eating for Kids coincides brilliantly with society’s increasing awareness and concern on the subject of healthy eating for children.

Healing Power Beyond Medicine

Carol A. Wilson

Feb 2011

Successful body-mind-spirit healing has been wished for and hoped for - until now.

Every Little Thing Matters

Stephen Oakes

Dec 2010

A practical, friendly guide to your Human Energy Field and its vital role in your life.

Womenopause: Stop Pausing and Start Living

Feeling Fit, Feminine, and Fabulous in Four Weeks

Lovera Miller
David Miller

Jul 2010

Menopause is the upside of womens life and Womenopause is the program for feeling fit, feminine, and fabulous in four weeks. A program to help women through a potentially difficult time in their lives.

Energy 4 Life

High Energy Conscious Living

Caroline Shola Arewa

Jun 2010

Energy 4 Life, exciting new approach to health and conscious living that elevates energy and transforms lives using simple energy interventions.

Know That You Are Loved

Self-Healing Techniques for Everyone

Philena Bruce

Jun 2010

Transform your world while waiting for a bus? An irresistible tool-kit for manifesting an abundant, caring and joyous life.

Sounding the Mind of God

Therapeutic sound for self-healing and transformation

Lyz Cooper

Aug 2009

Sounding the Mind of God is a valuable insight into using sound as a powerful tool for self-healing and transformation.

Healing Our Hormones, Healing Our Lives

Solutions to common hormonal conditions

Linda Crockett

Mar 2009

Ever wonder why your hormones causes you so much trouble. Read Healing Our Hormones, Healing Our Lives for all the questions you ever had about your hormones.

  • Leora Fulvio, MFTLeora Fulvio, MFTLeora Fulvio, MFT (Marriage and Family Therapist), is a San Francisco-based psychotherapist special...
  • Louis ProfetaLouis ProfetaDr. Louis M. Profeta is a practicing Emergency Physician residing in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is a ...
  • Hilary H. CarterHilary H. CarterHilary Carter is co-creator of Taiyoga and co-founder of HigherMoon transformational workshops. She ...
  • Lawrence EllyardLawrence EllyardLawrence Ellyard is the CEO and Founder of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists....
  • Miranda GrayMiranda GrayMiranda Gray has always been an advocate for the recognition of the cyclic nature of women’s ...
  • Bronwen StieneBronwen StieneReiki Teachers Bronwen Stiene, along with her husband Frans, are founders of the International House...
  • Frans StieneFrans StieneFrans has been a major influence on global research into the system of Reiki since the early 2000s. ...
  • Steve GoochSteve GoochSteve Gooch was born in March 1962 in Rugby, Warwickshire in England and grew up there with his two ...
  • Lovera MillerLovera MillerDr. Lovera Wolf Miller received her medical degree, MD, from Loma Linda University School of Medicin...
  • David MillerDavid MillerDr. Lovera Wolf Miller received her medical degree, MD, from Loma Linda University School of Medicin...
  • Carl O. Helvie, R.N., Dr.P.H.Carl O. Helvie, R.N., Dr.P.H.Dr Carl O. Helvie, R.N. received a B.S. (NYU), M.S. (U of California), M.P.H. and Dr.P.H. (Johns Hop...
  • Stefan RippelStefan Rippel
  • Linda CrockettLinda CrockettLinda Crockett is a Medical Herbalist, Nutritionist and Healer with a special interest in Womenâ€...
  • Brett BevellBrett BevellBrett Bevell is faculty Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, NY, where he teachs Reiki...
  • Lyz CooperLyz CooperLyz Cooper has been working in the mind, body, spirit arena since 1981 and with sound since 1993 whe...
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