• Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair
    Anita Neilson
    A refreshing book which highlights that no matter what life deals to you, you have a choice on how you can react. It makes one realise that there is nothing to lose when being kind to others, and there is a whole lot to gain. It is a book which has to go inward and evaluate your life, your actions and your beliefs. A wonderful book for all, especially those wanting to make a difference in the world and just don't know where to begin. Bravo! ~ Manuela Alonzi-Cheney, GoodReads

  • Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair
    Anita Neilson
    new place in the world, your overall worth, what contributions (if any) you can still make. Anita Neilson does a wonderful job of sharing her personal story, and the lessons she learned as she came to terms with these issues. Lessons which are valuable for everyone.

    Anita first covers learning to be kind to yourself, a lesson many of us struggle with! Topics in this section include examining yourself first to eliminate unkind thoughts or habits and replace them with positive ones; celebrating your good qualities; being thankful; and not comparing yourself to others.

    Part two deals with Kindness to Others - letting people be who they are without trying to control or change them; inspiring people by being the positive, caring, compassionate person you have learned to be; and nurturing your friendships.

    Part three deals with Kindness to the Animal Kingdom, and Part four covers Kindness to the Environment.

    Each section offers helpful advice and things that can be done, despite any physical limitations you might have.

    I love that this book enforces the message that EVERYONE has value, and that everyone can contribute to making this a better, kinder world no matter what their circumstances. ~ Kathy Fuchs, NetGalley

  • Reiki Sourcebook (revised ed.), The
    Frans Stiene
    Bronwen Stiene
    Hello PaganPages readers. I go by Jadaja Talios on the Internet and in the pagan community. I just finished reading ‘the Reiki Sourcebook’ by Bronwen & Frans Stein. At first I had trouble getting into the book but then I did.

    One thing that caught my attention was confirmation of something that I have been saying for sometime now due to my experience with magick, especially after I had learned to center and ground. That something is that “All things are made of energy,” as quoted on page 6 from the source, ‘Chinese Medical Qigong volume 1’ by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson( paraphrased on my part).

    I’m a solitary, eclectic Wiccan and specialize in healing and protection. The first time I heard of Reiki was when I came upon a book by Christopher Penczak called ‘the Magick of Reiki’. I learned quite a bit about Reiki that I didn’t know before.

    The creator or originator of Reiki, Mikao Usui, lived from 1865-1926 and was 61 years old. On May 9, 1926 Mikao Usui died of a stroke. Actually I should use the proper Japanese naming convention, surname first, then first name last which would make it Usui Mikao. Usui was a Tendai Buddhist lay priest, he didn’t live in a monastery, and had martial arts training.

    Usui sensei (his students called him sensei not himself for it means teacher amongst other things) traveled around the world and had some training in china, possibly even in Qi gong.

    Reiki originally was the name for the healing energy that the ‘Reiki’ healers used not the name of the healing modality itself. Usui sensei only called it a healing method.

    In April 1922, Usui started teaching Reiki after spending twenty-one days on Kurama Yama, in meditation during the month of March. Also in April of 1922 Usui created the Usui Reiki Ryhoho Gakkai (which means Society of the Usui Spiritual Energy Healing Method) and was it’s first president.

    Usui Sensei had twenty-one teacher students. One of the more famous was Hayashi Chuijiro (Japanese convention). Hayashi taught a Japanese woman that was born in Hawaii in 1900. That woman’s name was Hawayo (named after Hawaii) Takata. She was the first person born outside of Japan to have been taught Reiki.

    Hayashi and his daughter went to Hawaii with Hawayo when she went back home. Hawayo taught twenty-two teacher students herself, including at least one of her sisters.

    In 1980, Hawayo died and her grand-daughter, Phyllis Lei Furumoto, invited the other twenty-one teacher students to a meeting one and a half years later. Not all of the teacher students showed up. Of the teacher students that did show up, it was decided by those there that Phyllis Lei Furumoto be Hawayo’s successor. They didn’t know that there were still traditional practitioners in Japan and decide Phyllis was the grandmaster of Reiki.

    From 1980 on, there have developed many ‘traditions’ of Reiki and there are too many even to try to talk about in a simple book review.

    The Reiki Sourcebook has a decent bibliography and lists of various Reiki associations, centers, newsletters, and Internet sources.

    The Reiki Sourcebook was a pretty good book, albeit a bit too textbook like for me to truly get into like I have many other books. I think the authors have done as thorough a job as they can and they continue to do more research. They publish revised versions when they find sufficiently new information. The first edition of this book was in 2003 and this is the 2008 edition that I have reviewed. Since I haven’t read the first edition, I can’t give a comparison of the two editions at all in this review. ~ Jadaja Talios,

  • Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair
    Anita Neilson
    Jenny Light rated it: it was amazing Oct 5, 2017

    When my best friend Anita, first shared her concept for this book with me, I knew that it was winning book. For anyone wishing to make a difference in this world, 'Acts of Kindness from your Armchair' isn't like any other book. In it Anita shares her own tried and tested solutions to act kindly in the wider world. There's something for everyone, no matter their reasons why they may find themselves unable to engage beyond the home. Anita takes her readers through a journey from starting to act and think of yourself in an accepting forgiving way, to making a real difference to people and animals locally and globally. Kindness oozes from every pore of this book straight from the generous heart of Anita herself. If you are looking for a practical way to engage with meaning with the world you find yourself in and to alleviate suffering, you need look no further than this shining gem of a book. I can't recommend it highly enough!
    ~ Jenny Light, Goodreads

  • Inner Heart of Reiki, The
    Frans Stiene
    This is a philosophical rather than a how-to book. However, for those studying and practising Reiki, or thinking about doing so, it is
    surely an invaluable source for discovering the reality behind it. Oct 2017
    ~ Graham Jennings, Two Worlds

  • Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair
    Anita Neilson
    This book has made a difference in my life already and I am sure I will be re-visiting it time and again.

    I requested this book from Netgalley as although I am not an invalid physically I do suffer with social anxiety and often struggle to know how I can make a difference to the world.

    As I started reading I came across suggested exercises and I groaned as I really don't like that kind of task but I decided to read on. I was so pleased that I did. Anita Neilson offered up quite a number of interesting suggestions that one could easily carry out, explaining effectively that any act carried out in the name of Love goes towards building up the amount of love in the world and decreasing the fear (only she explained it a lot better than that) It made for a really interesting read and encouraged me that even I can make a positive difference even with just my thoughts. ~ Anne Rodgers, NetGalley

  • Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair
    Anita Neilson
    Your book made me really think about things. I don't really delve into stuff and you covered everything. I especially loved the kindness poem at the end. Within its pages are practical learnings, a real healing manual for the mind.. My favourite chapter was "let people be who they are" an active chance to cherish and accommodate all of our differences. Can really feel the hugs between the pages.

    Amanda Blair medical secretary, and reiki practitioner. ~ Amanda Blair

  • Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair
    Anita Neilson
    Loved the book, especially the title which is so appropriate. Changing the world you live in from your armchair with thoughts of kindness, compassion and creativity, with words, actions thoughts. Embracing the word with kindness to ourselves and others. ~ Pam Thomas, NetGalley

  • Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair
    Anita Neilson

    The book flows well and is worth every penny and every read. If you cannot get a look, you owe it to yourself to search it out once it (hopefully) hits the libraries. Just an outstanding read!
    ~ Ginae B. McDonald, Ginae Reviews

  • Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair
    Anita Neilson
    Acts of Kindness from your Armchair is beautifully written and comes straight from the heart. While some of the language is Christian in orientation, there is so much here that is universal. Goodness knows, the World can do with more kindness; this book is a very practical tool to help each of us learn to cultivate more of it. In addition to helping us to recognise our wholeness, the kindness can naturally flow to those around us and this beautiful planet that is our home.

    Heather Grace Mackenzie (Bond), Author of Awakening Child ~ Heather Grace Mackenzie (Bond),

  • Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair
    Anita Neilson
    This inspirational book is all about being Love and Kindness in daily action and should be on the ’must read’ list of schools across the land. Every opportunity to love and be kind to oneself and all others has been offered in a gentle, honest and authentic way. Great exercises 'to do' and wonderful ways 'to be' are suggested - what more could you ask. Thank you Anita for sharing this gem from your armchair.

    Patricia Iris Kerins. Channel and Soul Coach.
    ~ Patricia Iris Kerins,

  • Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair
    Anita Neilson
    Like a spiritual guidebook for harmonious living, Anita Neilson’s new book overflows with a gentle yet impassioned exploration of kindness in action from four meaningful perspectives: as it relates to our selves, others, animals and the Earth. Emphasizing the interconnectedness between us all, each section is delightfully sprinkled with biographical vignettes, ancient wisdom and detailed practices for cultivating compassion, including everything from being a conscious consumer, recycling and reducing media exposure, to healing crystals, prayers and organ donation. Though Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair is initially directed to the housebound, the essential message it delivers is meant for us all: “letting love into our hearts so that we can share it with others”. The book itself is a timely testament to this!

    Catherine L. Schweig
    Editor of Bhakti Blossoms, Journey of the Heart and others ~ Catherine Schweig,

  • Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair
    Anita Neilson
    There’s something inspiring and empowering about reading stories and helpful information contributed by an author like Anita Neilson, who has lived what she writes so clearly and powerfully about. It’s clearly obvious that Anita is that kind of person: as authentic as they come, just as are her commentaries.

    This wide-ranging offering comes into the Universe from someone who continues to contribute to the welfare of all concerned from the seat of her own armchair, despite having traversed the path of poor health herself. There’s a certain kind of naked honesty that comes through, so clearly and obviously tried and true, that one is led to one’s own deeper truth about everyday living.
    Innate wisdom comes through Anita’s vision related to salient aspects of kindness: kindness to self, others, the animal kingdom, environment, and choosing love above all else. Within each of these crucibles lies sources of spiritual empowerment, which, when abided faithfully, take one to new depths on all levels of being and purpose.

    Jim Young, author, Aware in a World Asleep; Sip and Savor and others.
    ~ Dr Jim Young,

  • Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair
    Anita Neilson
    Acts of Kindness From Your Armchair is a book written by Anita Neilson, a former secondary school teacher who in 2009 was incapacitated by M.E. and Fibromyalgia. She writes from the experience of her own medical condition, about how it is possible, even though isolated by being house bound, to do “acts of kindness, from my home, from my armchair.”

    In a series of chapters she breaks down, how someone, even though severely debilitated by a medical diagnosis can “live a spiritual life and make a positive, meaningful contribution to the world.”

    Most books on spiritual advancement are aimed at the able-bodied but this gentle book guides those who are, for whatever reason, in the home for most of their time. Anita includes those who are suffering ill health or disability. People with responsibility as carers. Maybe retirees or parents caring for children, or even those working from home.

    She clearly describes how to overcome doubt and self-reproach. How to feel better inwardly to then be able to radiate love and kindness outwardly. A compassionate voice, Anita is a cheerleader for those who would love to contribute but feel excluded by their circumstances.

    Mary English DSH CPHH MFHT
    Author of The Astrology of Lovers, How to care for a Cancer and more.
    Astrologer, Hypnotherapist & Homeopath ~ Mary English,

  • Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair
    Anita Neilson
    Acts of kindness from your armchair is a book that takes us back into our inherent humanity, our heart, our light and god form. Anita Neilson has researched a multitude of methods, meditations, and alternative ways, inviting us to break through the patterns of fear, sickness and scarcity, that are widespread in our world, and welcome kindness, gratitude and compassion into our life. Anita inspires the reader to achieve a happier, more fulfilled living and open up to positivity, peace and natural wellbeing.
    With so many simple and down to earth approaches, the reader is spoiled for choice and through her intuition finds exactly what resonates with her.

    Fotoula Adrimi
    Director of The ISIS School of Holistic Health ~ Fotoula Adrimi, Director, ISIS School of Holistic Health

  • Optimized Woman, The
    Miranda Gray
    This an interesting take on the positive side of the menstrual cycle that usually brings most women down just by thinking about it. I enjoyed reading it, and I am looking at putting a cycle in place to manage my self better revolving around my cycle : )

    ~ Josefina Corona, NetGalley

  • Optimized Woman, The
    Miranda Gray
    5/5 Stars

    I absolutely loved this book. To me, the best thing is that it throws a positive light on menstruation. I liked the way each phase of the cycle was described, followed by a list of what abilities the phase brings, what to watch out for, strategies and challenges.

    Personally, I would use this as a periods reference guide and an ultimate self-help book. This book will be very useful for women who are sensitive to their menstrual cycle ~ Anusha Narasimhan , NetGalley/Goodreads

  • Inner Heart of Reiki, The
    Frans Stiene
    Frans Stiene’s newest book, The Inner Heart of Reiki – Rediscovering Your True Self, helped me to understand the spiritual practice of Reiki in a fuller way. To me, personally, it was deeply eye opening, and it touched my soul. I believe it should be included in every Reiki practitioner and/or teacher’s library, and it should be read and studied many times. Stiene emphasizes the importance of healing the heart and mind and then healing the body. The author maintains we can do this only by becoming our True Selves. The True Self is found again by working with the means given to us by Mikao Usui, of understanding the precepts, meditation techniques, symbols, mantras, Reiju attunements and hands-on healing. These techniques provide us with a system that helps us go deeper within ourselves and discover our own divinity or great bright light.

    However, it is only through dedicated, daily self-practice that we will achieve this. The Western practice of Reiki seems to emphasize the hands-on healing of someone else, and many practitioners have neglected themselves and their own self-care. This book serves to remind us of the importance of the daily self-practice of Reiki, including meditation. Through this self-care we heal mind, body and spirit, and through this work we fully become the precepts, at which point we discover our True Self. We eventually no longer ‘do’ Reiki; we ‘become’ Reiki.

    I would recommend The Inner Heart of Reiki Rediscovering Your True Self for those who want to gain thorough understanding of the meanings of the Reiki symbols and their mantras as well as the Japanese kanji for the precepts.

    The book explains them in an easy to understand language. I found it helpful that Stiene gives an overview of some Japanese spiritual teachings and traditions that may help those from the West to easily comprehend the heart of Reiki from Usui Sensei’s Japanese perspective. Stiene’s years of dedication to the study, research, teaching and practice of Reiki shines through in The Inner Heart of Reiki Rediscovering Your True Self.

    His words inspire those who are new to Reiki, or those who have been practicing for years, to go deeper and make ourselves a priority by sitting with the Reiki energy every day and using the whole system of Reiki, not just parts of it. This daily practice will create a true, lasting and healing wholeness and guide us back to remembering our True Selves. He reminds us of a quote from Mikao Usui, “If you can’t heal yourself, how can you heal others?” We must heal our minds and hearts and use the precepts as a guide to letting go of anger and worry so that we can be true to ourselves while also being compassionate with ourselves and others. By doing this we create true balance within our lives, bodies and minds. We have let go and let Reiki guide us home to our True Self. This is when compete healing will take place.

  • Become Your Own Doctor
    Paul Lloyd
    I just loved this 216 page self care guardian. I gained new insight about alternative medicine, the history of it and even how to make my own from herbs and stuff I have around. It is written in the old style and it brings me such comfort. I learned about the foods I eat and how to best utilize them and so much more. I would recommend this great find to anyone wanting a different slant on taking care of ourselves. Thanks Paul, this is wonderful. ~ Riki Frahmann, Mystic Living Today

  • Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair
    Anita Neilson
    We can all make a difference, regardless of any 'limitations' we may have, whatever our circumstances. In my experience all 'big' things happen through lots of small things, and this book is a great reminder of the big difference that small everyday acts of kindness can make. ~ Karen Darke MBE, Paralympic Champion (Handcycling) in Rio 2016, author of If You Fall and Boundless

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