• Reiki Insights
    Frans Stiene
    Here you will find the important lessons of trusting in yourself, of not falling into strict dogma, and learning your own flow. A great addition to any energy healer’s library.
    ~ J. Aislynn d'Merricksson,

  • Reiki Insights
    Frans Stiene
    T his book should be read by every person either contemplating doing a Reiki initiation or anyone who has done one. I cannot stress enough how important this book is and my eternal gratitude to the author.

    ~ Rony Cambell,

  • Reiki Insights
    Frans Stiene
    All who practise Reiki should read this book!

    In 2016 Frans Stiene spent three weeks deep in the mountains of Japan with his own teachers, Shugendo priests who were helping him gain a deeper understanding of Mikao Usui’s teachings through esoteric teachings.

    Frans Stiene has structured the book in “bite-size” chapters so that you can read them, absorb what he has said and take it to the next level, and meditate on the subject raised. Some of the topics raised and possibly the most important, are those on the Five Precepts that Mikao Usui’s teachings are based on; Do not be angry, Do not worry, Be grateful, Practise this diligently, Show compassion to yourself and others. He re-writes these Precepts in different ways throughout the book, over and over again.

    There is (obviously) a lot more information given in the book. However, he comes back to the Precepts in each chapter. In my opinion, regardless of whether you believe or practice Reiki or not, these five Precepts should be printed out and stuck on mirrors, phones, and your laptop to remind you of how you can gain “oneness” in your life.

    I think it would be useful to include some information about Mikao Usui. While finishing his studies at a traditional Japanese Tendai Buddhist Monastery, he realised he was interested in different types of medicine, energy movement and religions, reading widely on all subjects. Usui was looking to find a way to heal himself and others, using his hands, that didn’t deplete his energy levels and he devoted many years searching for a system. His open-minded approach towards other belief systems and religions is why Reiki is accessible to everyone. It has no religious attachments.

    While he was living at the monastery, Usui decided to attend Isyu Guo, a 21-day training course, to seek enlightenment. This involved living in a cave on Mount Kurama and fasting, meditating and praying. On the morning of the 21st day, Usui experienced a mystical event, ‘seeing’ ancient Sanskrit symbols, which he acknowledged would help him develop the healing system he was looking for. After this event, Usui set up a clinic in Kyoto, where he began to heal and teach people.

    I was initiated twice into Reiki, but have always felt that there was “something missing”, that is, until now. Frans Stiene has taken me back to connect with Mikao Usui. I now feel whole and able to move forward. ~ Breakaway Reviewers,

  • Reiki Insights
    Frans Stiene
    "Reiki Insights" is what it says on the tin - An insight into the underlying principles and practices of Reiki and the concepts that flow through it. I found it intriguing and learned a lot about how Reiki actually works and where it came from. ~ Lou, Reader's Retreat

  • Reiki Insights
    Frans Stiene
    I’ll be honest this book wasn’t what I was expected it to be. It turned out to be more. Mr. Frans Stiene (stee-nuh) has been a major global force in Reiki. He is the co-founder of The International House of Reiki.

    In this book, Mr. Stiene has written about what Reiki truly is, a spiritual practice. The founder of Reiki Mikao Usui’s teachings shows that it was a spiritual practice. Reiki is a practice, has meditations on mantras and the symbols, on the hand positions, being in a meditative state while performing or receiving the reiju/initiation/attunement.

    Mr. Stiene states that when he was working with his teachers in Japan and researching the original teachings of Mikao Usui, that the precepts where instructions to be followed. This teaching worked to help students bring about a state of wholeness. Wholeness is a state of mind: in which we are happy, content, at peace and full of compassion. This wholeness was a form of healing for the students and all who followed Usui’s teachings.

    In today’s world, we often talk about either giving or receiving a Reiki healing. In the spiritual practice of Reiki, it was taught that you were “Being Reiki.” Reiki is often called spiritual energy, and we are always working with spiritual energy in that We are Spiritual beings having a human experience.” (unknown author)

    Mr. Stiene also states in this book that through his research he found there is a correlation between the 5 precepts of Reiki and the 6 paramitas from Buddhism. In Japanese Buddhism, there are 3 precepts. I found it interesting that these 3 systems shared so much.

    If you want to get serious about your practice of Reiki, I would suggest this book no matter what your level is. Mr. Stiene wrote this book for all practitioners and teachers. ~ Dawn Borries,

  • Reiki Insights
    Frans Stiene
    Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects . To me this means using what you have to help others and yourself. There are chants to heal yourself and others from the energy within. Meditation and chants are in the book by chapters. It's not hard to find or difficult to read. It is well written with a lot of hands on research.. Very interesting and I hope to delve into this more as it is something that I want to do. Healing is important and I have a friend who uses it with wonderful results. Great book. ~ Marie Angel, NetGalley

  • Reiki Insights
    Frans Stiene
    It's really wild just how much information has been turbo packed into this piece. Wonderful! ~ Ginae, Ginae Reviews

  • Reiki Insights
    Frans Stiene
    Very insightful into Reiki, and a very exhaustive source of information. ~ Annette B, GoodReads

  • Menopause: a Natural and Spiritual Journey
    Colette Brown
    This book is very well thought out and written, giving lots of good advice for women who want to embrace their menopause and for it to be more than just an inconvenience.
    The author suggests different meditations for various stages of the menopause and gives a very open and sometimes humorous account of her own experiences. ~ Rising Smoke, Amazon

  • Menopause: a Natural and Spiritual Journey
    Colette Brown
    What a wonderful book, I couldn't put it down It was like reading about myself right now So many things I haven't related to the 'moon pause', such a revelation to know I am not going mad & this will eventually pass. The author wrote with such honesty & candour
    & I just loved her humour. I will now embrace this special time in my life & can't wait to progress to 'grandmother''. Highly recommended. ~ Memepro, Amazon

  • Menopause: a Natural and Spiritual Journey
    Colette Brown
    Reading this book is like drinking a cup of fragrant tea with a warm, wise and comforting friend. In the midst of
    the unsettling, anxiety producing and even embarrassing changes that come with menopausal change, I found this book to be a clear guiding beacon of light. The exercises are uncomplicated, centering and nurtured my spirit. (Who needs anything difficult at this time, right?) She made me laugh and relax. Just what I needed! ~ S. Dillard, Amazon

  • Menopause: a Natural and Spiritual Journey
    Colette Brown
    My close friend suggested I read Menopause: A Natural and Spiritual Journey. It is an extremely enjoyable read, of which the author should be proud. The advice contained in this book is extremely beneficial, however it is the honesty of the author and the humorous way in which she describes the journey through menopause that particularly held my attention.
    I appreciated the advice contained on the benefits of meditation during this wonderful (albeit at time times trying) time of my life.
    I would highly recommend this book, as it is refreshing, informative and honest. I also dare you to attempt to read the whole book without laughing out loud on several occasions. ~ Jennifer, Amazon

  • Menopause: a Natural and Spiritual Journey
    Colette Brown
    This engaging and highly unique work went beyond the boundaries of what I had expected. It gives a different and yet, simplistic take on the menopause. Trained as a pharmacist, the author understands the shortfalls of medication only too well and presents an original template on working with the menopause by using North American wisdom in the form of smudging, various crystals and the Four Directions. Being in the midst of menopause myself I particularly found the South and North polarity helpful which is moving from the place of the child(emotions) to the North (intellect) . Her suggestion of stilling the emotions by aligning with the mind, intellect has always worked very well with me in the past and it is interesting to know why!
    The book is divided into sections such as 'Mood Swing Purgatory','Sweaty Betty',Chin Hair and Belly Hell'! Concluding each of these with meditations for mood swings, exhaustion, lack of confidence and an alignment with a higher power through a mantra. The author writes with humour and empathy and there is a sense of not being alone in the menopause, but being aligned with a spiritual far reaching and vibrant energy which is deeply healing. On a more sober note, she writes' If our children and grandchildren see us raging against the aging process by filling our faces with botox and our breasts with silicone, what message does that give them about the dignity of ageing?' Highly recommended! ~ Lydia, Amazon

  • Menopause: a Natural and Spiritual Journey
    Colette Brown
    What a great read this book was, very informative and addictive. The author has taken us on her Spiritual journey through this, a major change in a woman's life - and she has been brave enough to bare her soul to her readers. She offers an alternative way to deal with Moon Pause. Thought provoking, full of knowledge and Colette's quirky humour - all in all, highly recommended! ~ Alison, Amazon

  • Menopause: a Natural and Spiritual Journey
    Colette Brown
    Let me begin by saying I have never written a review on Amazon before but this book was so wonderful that I just had to!

    "Menopause: A Natural and Spiritual Journey" is far being from being a medical journal or a greying pamphlet unrecognisable in content but instead offers a meditative exploration of Menopause that is at all times fresh, funny and completely genuine. Brown emphasizes the deeply personal and sometimes unbecoming details of her journey; the book is leaden in pure emotion because these events are lifted straight from her life.

    The exploration of the symptoms of menopause through good-humoured anecdotes is at all times accompanied by a recurring theme of physical and spiritual regeneration and Brown as a former pharmacist turned writer/clairvoyant seems like the ideal person to tackle this subject matter in an ultimately balanced way. Brown impresses upon the reader she is `being honest' and this truthfulness is potent from the first page and indeed one of the strongest qualities of the book.

    She presents notion of everything being connected, the physical, spiritual and emotional and provides mediations and mantras to help the reader through the process. These meditations are very useful and can be personalised in the way that suits the reader. The colourful anecdotes are without a doubt entertaining and you can feel the friendly, supportive nature of the author through the book.

    There is not one bit of dull psychobabble to be found but instead a journey detailing the many complexities of Menopause in which the author exquisitely shows the darkly humorous side which often escapes other books written on the subject.

    Brown also challenges the negative identity that society has cultured of older women and urges the reader to dissociate themselves from the idea of `old crone." She disputes this perception in a media age where there seems to be little accurate representation of older women and I admire her for doing so.

    "Menopause: A Natural and Spiritual Journey" is a very personal, intimate book that presents Menopause as a positive experience. It is at all times both uplifting and hopeful and I highly recommend it! ~ Jackie, Amazon

  • Menopause: a Natural and Spiritual Journey
    Colette Brown
    Colette has done something quite amazing with this book. She's combines a practical viewpoint of menopause with a spiritual one.

    She tells the story of her own menopause, which in places is quite painful and honest but gives you a sense of hope as she manages to overcome not just her hot flushes but also the 'why' of it all.

    As a trained pharmacist, she repeats that she didn't want to medicalise her menopause not even with herbs (which was very brave) so she could experience the true value of what her spiritual path is/was.

    I was touched by how she described her process. She writes in a friendly, caring manner. She doesn't rush to make her point or criticise anyone or anything...and tells us how she coped using meditations, crystals, chanting and other esoteric methods.

    I finished this book and felt happy that there IS another way to get to our grandmother-self, without resorting to drugs or props.

    Only complete honesty will allow that process and I salute Colette for her bravery:) ~ Miss M. L. English, Amazon

  • Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair
    Anita Neilson
    When you want to read a book that’s shows you how to be a better person and you want to see if you’re even going in the right direction, this would be the book you would read.

    When you want to have hope for humanity and want it to start with yourself, from within, this is a great seed to plant that thought into action. This is a beautiful book that needs way more acclaim than it has gotten. Read this jewel. It's rare!
    ~ Trully Sunee, NetGalley

  • Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair
    Anita Neilson
    A refreshing book which highlights that no matter what life deals to you, you have a choice on how you can react. It makes one realise that there is nothing to lose when being kind to others, and there is a whole lot to gain. It is a book which has to go inward and evaluate your life, your actions and your beliefs. A wonderful book for all, especially those wanting to make a difference in the world and just don't know where to begin. Bravo! ~ Manuela Alonzi-Cheney, GoodReads

  • Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair
    Anita Neilson
    new place in the world, your overall worth, what contributions (if any) you can still make. Anita Neilson does a wonderful job of sharing her personal story, and the lessons she learned as she came to terms with these issues. Lessons which are valuable for everyone.

    Anita first covers learning to be kind to yourself, a lesson many of us struggle with! Topics in this section include examining yourself first to eliminate unkind thoughts or habits and replace them with positive ones; celebrating your good qualities; being thankful; and not comparing yourself to others.

    Part two deals with Kindness to Others - letting people be who they are without trying to control or change them; inspiring people by being the positive, caring, compassionate person you have learned to be; and nurturing your friendships.

    Part three deals with Kindness to the Animal Kingdom, and Part four covers Kindness to the Environment.

    Each section offers helpful advice and things that can be done, despite any physical limitations you might have.

    I love that this book enforces the message that EVERYONE has value, and that everyone can contribute to making this a better, kinder world no matter what their circumstances. ~ Kathy Fuchs, NetGalley

  • Reiki Sourcebook (revised ed.), The
    Frans Stiene
    Bronwen Stiene
    Hello PaganPages readers. I go by Jadaja Talios on the Internet and in the pagan community. I just finished reading ‘the Reiki Sourcebook’ by Bronwen & Frans Stein. At first I had trouble getting into the book but then I did.

    One thing that caught my attention was confirmation of something that I have been saying for sometime now due to my experience with magick, especially after I had learned to center and ground. That something is that “All things are made of energy,” as quoted on page 6 from the source, ‘Chinese Medical Qigong volume 1’ by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson( paraphrased on my part).

    I’m a solitary, eclectic Wiccan and specialize in healing and protection. The first time I heard of Reiki was when I came upon a book by Christopher Penczak called ‘the Magick of Reiki’. I learned quite a bit about Reiki that I didn’t know before.

    The creator or originator of Reiki, Mikao Usui, lived from 1865-1926 and was 61 years old. On May 9, 1926 Mikao Usui died of a stroke. Actually I should use the proper Japanese naming convention, surname first, then first name last which would make it Usui Mikao. Usui was a Tendai Buddhist lay priest, he didn’t live in a monastery, and had martial arts training.

    Usui sensei (his students called him sensei not himself for it means teacher amongst other things) traveled around the world and had some training in china, possibly even in Qi gong.

    Reiki originally was the name for the healing energy that the ‘Reiki’ healers used not the name of the healing modality itself. Usui sensei only called it a healing method.

    In April 1922, Usui started teaching Reiki after spending twenty-one days on Kurama Yama, in meditation during the month of March. Also in April of 1922 Usui created the Usui Reiki Ryhoho Gakkai (which means Society of the Usui Spiritual Energy Healing Method) and was it’s first president.

    Usui Sensei had twenty-one teacher students. One of the more famous was Hayashi Chuijiro (Japanese convention). Hayashi taught a Japanese woman that was born in Hawaii in 1900. That woman’s name was Hawayo (named after Hawaii) Takata. She was the first person born outside of Japan to have been taught Reiki.

    Hayashi and his daughter went to Hawaii with Hawayo when she went back home. Hawayo taught twenty-two teacher students herself, including at least one of her sisters.

    In 1980, Hawayo died and her grand-daughter, Phyllis Lei Furumoto, invited the other twenty-one teacher students to a meeting one and a half years later. Not all of the teacher students showed up. Of the teacher students that did show up, it was decided by those there that Phyllis Lei Furumoto be Hawayo’s successor. They didn’t know that there were still traditional practitioners in Japan and decide Phyllis was the grandmaster of Reiki.

    From 1980 on, there have developed many ‘traditions’ of Reiki and there are too many even to try to talk about in a simple book review.

    The Reiki Sourcebook has a decent bibliography and lists of various Reiki associations, centers, newsletters, and Internet sources.

    The Reiki Sourcebook was a pretty good book, albeit a bit too textbook like for me to truly get into like I have many other books. I think the authors have done as thorough a job as they can and they continue to do more research. They publish revised versions when they find sufficiently new information. The first edition of this book was in 2003 and this is the 2008 edition that I have reviewed. Since I haven’t read the first edition, I can’t give a comparison of the two editions at all in this review. ~ Jadaja Talios,

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