Incomplete Guide to Yoga, The

Charlotte Carnegie

Jan 2012

The only book you need to read about yoga.... first.

Alchemy of Love

Finding Love, Harmony and Happiness

Michael Samways

May 2014

Finding love, harmony and happiness balances biochemistry and belief, passion and peacefulness. The immutable gold of love is within us. Let us show it.

Live Love Soul

A Soul's Guide to Happy

Machel Shull

Sep 2015

Get ready to take the journey within and discover what makes your soul happy.

Your True Voice

Tools to Embrace a Fully-Expressed Life

Dielle Ciesco

Jul 2014

Your True Voice is waiting to be expressed! Take a magical walk and align with the authentic, creative, powerful you!

Nursing by Heart

transformational self-care for nurses

Julie Skinner

Jun 2015

Explores what lies beneath nurses' sub-optimal self-care practices and offers simple and effective tools to heal the core woundings nurses often carry.

Rising from the Ashes of Loss: My Voyage Through Grief

Pierre Milot

Feb 2016

Follow the author into the depths of his deep grief as he descend into darkness after the loss of his sick wife and back up again through his successful rise from the ashes of loss.

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