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Reiki: Empowered By It, Embraced By It, Claimed By It

Robert Levy

Nov 2013

Connecting DIRECTLY with Reiki and CLAIMING it as your own, is now within your grasp. Empower yourself - Claim YOUR Reiki.

Creation of a Consciousness Shift, The

Paul Lenda

Feb 2012

An inspiring guide that shows the reader how to experience a life-changing shift in consciousness.

New Reiki Software for Divine Living

An Energetic Embodiment of Divine Grace

Brett Bevell

Jun 2013

Reiki healing simplified into one powerful easy-to-use technique.

Alchemy of Love

Finding Love, Harmony and Happiness

Michael Samways

May 2014

Finding love, harmony and happiness balances biochemistry and belief, passion and peacefulness. The immutable gold of love is within us. Let us show it.

Live Love Soul

A Soul's Guide to Happy

Machel Shull

Sep 2015

Get ready to take the journey within and discover what makes your soul happy.

Your True Voice

Tools to Embrace a Fully-Expressed Life

Dielle Ciesco

Jul 2014

Your True Voice is waiting to be expressed! Take a magical walk and align with the authentic, creative, powerful you!

New Life Stories

Journeys of Recovery in a Mindful Community

Hilary H. Carter

Dec 2014

These fascinating real life stories of recovery from depression, addiction and burn-out demonstrate that however far we fall there is always hope.

Rising from the Ashes of Loss: My Voyage Through Grief

Pierre Milot

Feb 2016

Follow the author into the depths of his deep grief as he descend into darkness after the loss of his sick wife and back up again through his successful rise from the ashes of loss.

Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair

Anita Neilson

Nov 2017

Change the world with this heart warming, inspirational and practical guide to seated philanthropy.

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