Your True Voice

Your True Voice

Tools to Embrace a Fully-Expressed Life

Your True Voice is waiting to be expressed! Take a magical walk and align with the authentic, creative, powerful you!


This book is alive. It senses your presence. It is meant to be like an apprenticeship with a wise teacher...the teacher being you. There is power on every page should you choose to open to receive it. In fact, this book is reading you just as you are reading it. It's in partnership with Life, and the three of you, whether you realize it or not, are colluding to give you exactly what you need. It will arrive, whether or not you follow through on the exercises. Your intent is enough to bring it to you. Will you be aware when it arrives or will the moment pass unrecognized?"
A treasure trove of poetic activations and sound wisdom based on The Unknown Mother: A Magical Walk with the Goddess of Sound, YOUR TRUE VOICE is a stand-alone or companion text offering detailed practices that encourage your enchanted journey through the 10 Gates of Sound...The Vocal Channel, Breath, Letters, Words, Storytelling, Listening, Vibration, Vocal Toning, True Voice, and Rainbow Light, and beyond. Included are quotes from the original text, explanations, anecdotes, journal prompts, and the all new Transformational Voicework processes…powerful tools to help you recover your authenticity, creativity, and truth for a fully-expressed Self!


This book is an experiential journey. Everyone will experience it in differing ways; all I can do is to give you some feedback from my own journey. Trying to free my throat chakra has been an ongoing, genetically influenced challenge for me, so I was grateful to receive it to review, as I might not have chosen to work with it otherwise. Some of the ground covered in 'Your True Voice' might seem at first glance to be familiar. I thought I would have a basic working knowledge of some of the tools, but putting the methods together with the attunements made everything totally new. Experiencing my own arrogance was humbling, but it was a good exchange for such an increase in understanding. I found the concept of a written attunement difficult to accept at first, and was surprised when I felt the energy shifting as I read the text out loud. Dielle Ciesco knows what she is doing. The programme of successive attunements followed by the teaching contained within the exercises is a powerful combination, and led me towards dissolving blocks to developing my own expressive power in a gentle, profound way. Exercises are enhanced by further links to internet video clips. There is a lot of variety in the activities suggested, they are deceptively simple and well presented. Physical exercises for tongue and throat release. Breathwork. Listening. Playing with the alphabet, discovering the energy contained within letters and word. Sigils. Rewriting the Story - a fantastic tool to work with. The reference to the Toltec was new to me, and I give grateful thanks for the internet for further information on this. There is a lot of powerful information in this useful manual. I have found it easy to work with and profoundly transforming, and look forward to continuing to work, and rework with it. ~ Bridget Enever, Healer and Musician, for The Guild of Professional Healers

Your True Voice offers a unique approach to developing "free speech" and aligning with impeccability revealing the outrageous joy awaiting your heartfelt connection to life. The poetic wisdom and practices, thought-provoking and fun, make a powerful awareness-building combo! Dielle encourages her reader toward loving responsibility for all aspects of our expression and helps us remember that when coming from the heart, whether we move quietly and speak in a whisper or sing out at the top of our lungs, our truth will echo through the cosmos with a roar! ~ Gini Gentry, Dreaming Heaven co-creator-DVD and Journeybook

Dielle Ciesco masterfully invites us into the realm of resonance, vibration, toning and many other components of sound and voice. With expert guidance, we are encouraged to claim our authentic voice, to heal and breathe, and to enjoy the sounds of creation. Your True Voice is engaging, accessible, and full of heart--a guide for vocal, emotional and spiritual healing. This workbook is packed with innovative methods that the author has personally used for years, tried and true techniques we can all learn to do. Ciesco's work also connects with spiritual and shamanic wisdom which adds layers of depth and meaning. ~ Eric Myers, M.A., Author of The Astrology of Awakening Series

Enter the gates of your authentic self through Your True Voice. Dielle Ciesco's companion to her first book, The Unknown Mother, offers expert guidance to help both beginning explorers and advanced practitioners discover the untold wealth that dwells within the human voice. Dielle's unique shamanic approach brings new insights to the field of natural voice work. Links to video instructions add to the usability of the many practices included in this valuable book. ~ Susan Hale, Author of Sacred Space, Sacred Sound

Dielle Ciesco has created an important resource for all readers, whatever their experience with their own voice thus far, to enter the world of transformational voice work. She touches on the essence of what the voice truly is in our world and gives us an easy to follow blueprint to discover the deeper layers to our own unique source of sound, creativity and healing. Informative, inspirational, and beautifully illustrated, YOUR TRUE VOICE has the potential to change your life. A must have for anyone interested in understanding voice work as a life practice. ~ Kara Johnstad, Singer-Songwriter, Voice Specialist and founder of Voice Your Essence

The teachings in Your True Voice offer an amazing journey for those interested in expressing themselves and engaging with the full power of the voice. The progression through the 10 Gates is well organized and adds a new level of integration and understanding of the concepts shared in Dielle's first book, The Unknown Mother, making this a great companion. The unique and powerful practices are a pleasure, sure to deepen the reader's experience with the whole voice for transformation that will last a lifetime. ~ JoAnn Chambers (ShapeshifterDNA), Cultural Creative at Visionary Music and author of The Sonic Keys: Sound, Light & Frequency

Dielle Ciesco
Dielle Ciesco Dielle Ciesco is a Kundalini Yoga enthusiast and creator of Shamanic Voicework which she shares in her two books, The Unknown Mother: A Magi...
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