Trauma Recovery - Sessions With Dr. Matt

Trauma Recovery - Sessions With Dr. Matt

Narratives of Hope and Resilience for Victims with PTSD

Describes the collaboration between therapist and client as they strive to get unstuck from trauma-ravaged lives, written a psychologist with 35 years of clinical experience.

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Trauma Recovery: Sessions with Dr. Matt conveys hope and resilience for trauma victims. Written by a psychologist with 35 years of clinical experience, and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Between compellingly-written scenes of group, individual and family therapy, the cognitive-behavioral science of PTSD and its treatment is explained. The book movingly describes the collaboration between therapist and clients as they strive to get unstuck from trauma-ravaged lives. Reluctant trauma victims who have avoided treatment or who are having trouble processing life’s catastrophes will find in these pages a “fly-on-the-wall” perspective of how therapy can help. Useful information about overcoming obstacles in treatment is provided while fears about facing trauma are allayed, motivating the reluctant victim to finally seek treatment. The book will also greatly inform motivated patients by providing a thorough, scientifically-sound understanding of PTSD’s nature and treatment. This book should be in every trauma therapist’s office and placed in the hand of each of their PTSD patients.


This book is remarkable. You have, more effectively than anyone I’ve read before, brought the patients’ experiences to life at the same time you’re teaching about the conditions and ways to cope. I’m not just moved by the patient profiles and stories, but I can feel them; that’s something the manuals completely lack - not just clinical pearls but the experience of the patient on all levels. Most important, this is a book about hope. The entire book is about hope. Matt and Beth make a great team. ~ Anne Marie Albano, Ph.D., Professor of Medical Psychology, Columbia University Medical School

A writing style that is sincere, empathetic, and engaging; the authors’ respective experiences as therapist and patient; and the breathtaking use of music to augment the recovery process will make readers ‘come on in’ and stick around to see what happens. This book should be in every trauma therapist’s office and placed in each of their patients’ hands. ~ Jennifer Mathieu, award-winning author of The Truth About Alice and Moxie

The profound therapeutic bond between co-authors, Dr. Matt Jaremko and Beth Fehlbaum is the generous heart of Trauma Recovery: Sessions With Dr. Matt. In this ‘roadmap,’ an engaging mix of clinical expertise and fictional therapy sessions, they offer survivors and families practical tools necessary for healing - and an essential element: hope. ~ Steven Parlato, author of The Precious Dreadful, survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Matt E. Jaremko
Matt E. Jaremko Matt Jaremko taught clinical psychology at University level for almost 20 years, at the University of North Texas, University of Richmond, U...
Beth  Fehlbaum
Beth Fehlbaum Survivor. Author. Teacher. Advocate. Speaker. Beth Fehlbaum is a survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse, award-winning author, teacher, and ...
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