Reiki Insights

Reiki Insights

A meditative journey into the inner depths of the system of Reiki.

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A meditative journey into the inner depths of the system of Reiki.

Reiki Insights is presented as a series of short chapters, each of them a teaching, so that you can pick it up, choose a chapter and read it. After you have read the chapter, sit down and meditate upon the words. Let them sink deep into your mind, body, and energy, so that you can feel what is in between the sentences. By reading and experiencing Reiki Insights in this way, it will lay a foundation for inner change, from not knowing your true self to knowing your true self.


Here you will find the important lessons of trusting in yourself, of not falling into strict dogma, and learning your own flow. A great addition to any energy healer’s library. ~ J. Aislynn d'Merricksson,

T his book should be read by every person either contemplating doing a Reiki initiation or anyone who has done one. I cannot stress enough how important this book is and my eternal gratitude to the author. ~ Rony Cambell,

All who practise Reiki should read this book! In 2016 Frans Stiene spent three weeks deep in the mountains of Japan with his own teachers, Shugendo priests who were helping him gain a deeper understanding of Mikao Usui’s teachings through esoteric teachings. Frans Stiene has structured the book in “bite-size” chapters so that you can read them, absorb what he has said and take it to the next level, and meditate on the subject raised. Some of the topics raised and possibly the most important, are those on the Five Precepts that Mikao Usui’s teachings are based on; Do not be angry, Do not worry, Be grateful, Practise this diligently, Show compassion to yourself and others. He re-writes these Precepts in different ways throughout the book, over and over again. There is (obviously) a lot more information given in the book. However, he comes back to the Precepts in each chapter. In my opinion, regardless of whether you believe or practice Reiki or not, these five Precepts should be printed out and stuck on mirrors, phones, and your laptop to remind you of how you can gain “oneness” in your life. I think it would be useful to include some information about Mikao Usui. While finishing his studies at a traditional Japanese Tendai Buddhist Monastery, he realised he was interested in different types of medicine, energy movement and religions, reading widely on all subjects. Usui was looking to find a way to heal himself and others, using his hands, that didn’t deplete his energy levels and he devoted many years searching for a system. His open-minded approach towards other belief systems and religions is why Reiki is accessible to everyone. It has no religious attachments. While he was living at the monastery, Usui decided to attend Isyu Guo, a 21-day training course, to seek enlightenment. This involved living in a cave on Mount Kurama and fasting, meditating and praying. On the morning of the 21st day, Usui experienced a mystical event, ‘seeing’ ancient Sanskrit symbols, which he acknowledged would help him develop the healing system he was looking for. After this event, Usui set up a clinic in Kyoto, where he began to heal and teach people. I was initiated twice into Reiki, but have always felt that there was “something missing”, that is, until now. Frans Stiene has taken me back to connect with Mikao Usui. I now feel whole and able to move forward. ~ Breakaway Reviewers,

"Reiki Insights" is what it says on the tin - An insight into the underlying principles and practices of Reiki and the concepts that flow through it. I found it intriguing and learned a lot about how Reiki actually works and where it came from. ~ Lou, Reader's Retreat

Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects . To me this means using what you have to help others and yourself. There are chants to heal yourself and others from the energy within. Meditation and chants are in the book by chapters. It's not hard to find or difficult to read. It is well written with a lot of hands on research.. Very interesting and I hope to delve into this more as it is something that I want to do. Healing is important and I have a friend who uses it with wonderful results. Great book. ~ Marie Angel, NetGalley

I’ll be honest this book wasn’t what I was expected it to be. It turned out to be more. Mr. Frans Stiene (stee-nuh) has been a major global force in Reiki. He is the co-founder of The International House of Reiki. In this book, Mr. Stiene has written about what Reiki truly is, a spiritual practice. The founder of Reiki Mikao Usui’s teachings shows that it was a spiritual practice. Reiki is a practice, has meditations on mantras and the symbols, on the hand positions, being in a meditative state while performing or receiving the reiju/initiation/attunement. Mr. Stiene states that when he was working with his teachers in Japan and researching the original teachings of Mikao Usui, that the precepts where instructions to be followed. This teaching worked to help students bring about a state of wholeness. Wholeness is a state of mind: in which we are happy, content, at peace and full of compassion. This wholeness was a form of healing for the students and all who followed Usui’s teachings. In today’s world, we often talk about either giving or receiving a Reiki healing. In the spiritual practice of Reiki, it was taught that you were “Being Reiki.” Reiki is often called spiritual energy, and we are always working with spiritual energy in that We are Spiritual beings having a human experience.” (unknown author) Mr. Stiene also states in this book that through his research he found there is a correlation between the 5 precepts of Reiki and the 6 paramitas from Buddhism. In Japanese Buddhism, there are 3 precepts. I found it interesting that these 3 systems shared so much. If you want to get serious about your practice of Reiki, I would suggest this book no matter what your level is. Mr. Stiene wrote this book for all practitioners and teachers. ~ Dawn Borries,

It's really wild just how much information has been turbo packed into this piece. Wonderful! ~ Ginae, Ginae Reviews

Very insightful into Reiki, and a very exhaustive source of information. ~ Annette B, GoodReads

Reiki Insights is a beautiful book, filled with lots of wisdom for those of us walking the path of Reiki. Beginning with the foundation of the Reiki Precepts, and covering other important topics such as Reiki tools of practice and the nature of healing, I love that this book comes full circle by bringing it all back to Reiki as a way of being love and compassion. This book cuts to the heart of what Reiki is and will inspire you to live and breathe healing into the world. ~ Kathleen Prasad, founder of Animal Reiki Source and president of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA)

Most of us have only a superficial understanding of the system of Reiki. In this extraordinary work (Reiki Insights), Frans Stiene, one of the godfathers of Reiki in the West, reveals the system of Reiki to be not only a method of healing, but nothing less than a pathway to enlightenment. If you have ever wanted to explore the deeper meaning of the system of Reiki, this illuminating treasure is for you! ~ David Michie author of The Dalai Lama's Cat Series

Frans Stiene has been my spiritual hero since I met him at his Reiki class in New York. At that time and level of my experience I felt grateful and transformed by his knowledge, purity, compassion and simplicity. It was, for me, a beginning. I read his books, followed his blog and looked forward to his yearly trip to New York. He changed my life. His new book "Reiki Insights" takes me beyond my transformation…it speaks to our true journey, our true home, our true place in this amazing world. Frans shows us that the path to the horizon is clear, cloudless and doable. There is only truth and kindness. Frans has come to this conclusion by investigation and living deeply in the tradition, but he keeps it simple by staying with the intention Mikao Usui knew was the true way. This book is a blessing for me and a light that I can share. ~ Betty Leigh, actress, House of Cards

In this wonderful book, Frans Stiene addresses ancient wisdom and meditation tradition in a very practical way to bring it to the modern world. It conveys a beneficial, heartwarming, and transformative experience, and will create happiness and joy for those who read it. ~ Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche, author of Our Pristine Mind

Frans Stiene is great teacher to have as you walk your Way. I’ve met, learned from, and trained with many trained meditation teachers, Reiki teachers, Chan monks, Theravada nuns, countless martial arts masters, and even a Shugendo priest. After a while you begin to have a sense of things; who’s really digging deep and forging their kokoro and who is simply talking about it. Frans’ sense of honesty and practicality is refreshing in this era of endless life coaches and gurus. Reiki as a way of life is embodied throughout his teachings, his works, and the effect of his practice on his work is clear. You’ll find his perspective not so stifled by tradition but informed by it and driven though deep investigation and direct experience. This experiential learning is the real treasure and by sharing it freely Frans embodies the fifth Reiki guideline, “Be kind to others”. Frans is also a genuine character. To a beginner, his lighthearted approach may seemingly betray his immensely deep understanding. With time, you begin to see this jovial attitude and glowing happiness to be true result of genuine spiritual practice; not to be over solemn and serious but to have fun, be happy, and share it freely with wisdom. To all beings cultivating their way, may such perspective prove beneficial. ~ Andrew Anders, Hoijeon Moosool Master, Taekwondo Master, Reiki teacher, Founder of Michigan Reiki

In Reiki Insights, Frans offers practical advice for the life long journey of your Reiki practice: where "life becomes practice and practice becomes life." Each mini chapter is concise and precise, offering a wonderful companion to read in conjunction with your daily Reiki self care practice and meditation. This will be a must read for my Reiki students, and I look forward to rereading it as I continue to deepen and expand my own practice and understanding of Reiki. ~ Deborah Flanagan, author of Building a Powerful Practice: Successful Strategies for Your Wellness Business

With Reiki Insights, world-renowned Reiki teacher Frans Stiene offers yet another gift to the world... and not just to the world of Reiki. He takes us through a journey that takes us back to the beginning, through the end and the middle, to the insight of who we truly are. For Reiki practitioners and seekers, yes, but also for seekers who are being called back into the heart of the matter, this book will help us to reach and touch into who we really are. ~ Kathryn Hudson, author of The Angles Told Me So - A Practical Guide for Light-workers

In his latest book, Frans Stiene, the foremost Reiki teacher in the world, takes us farther than ever before into the system of Reiki and the path to our true self. Frans clearly lays out the work that must be done, and then gives us the tools to do it, taking us from the precepts to deep meditations. This is a must read for anyone who is wanting to not just do Reiki but to be Reiki. To not just talk about spirituality but live a spiritual life. ~ Jeff Emerson - Founder of True Freedom Recovery Yoga

No one has gone deeper into the true meaning of Mikao Usui's teachings than Frans Stiene. This book shines a clear light on the meditations and practices within the system of Reiki, making them more accessible to the Western mind. With this fuller understanding, the practices themselves come alive and we can take our healing to the deepest of levels. ~ Joyce Leonard, founder of Santa Cruz Reiki Works

This profound and powerful book illuminates our understanding of the true nature of Reiki. Frans Stiene, one of the world’s leading Reiki Teachers, takes us on a journey to the heart of Reiki and unwraps its power to transform and heal. ~ Mary Pearson, author, Meditation: The Stress Solution

Reading the Inner Heart of Reiki and now Reiki Insights is like having Frans Stiene here with me. When I read it...I hear his voice, feel the energy, receive the Reiju. Frans Stiene is an exceptional spiritual practitioner so I invite you to feel the stillness between the words. Receive the deep peace that touches the heart, as we continue our journey of remembering the true self. Gratitude to you Frans for sharing your clarity and wisdom. ~ Maria Kammerer, Reiki Practitioner Teacher and founder of Attune: The Art of Reiki

With Frans Stiene as the guide, the reader of Reiki Insights is brought into the depths of Reiki teachings and practice. Grounded in Japanese history, culture, Buddhism and Shintoism, Reiki Insights explores the roots of the system of Reiki. Frans Stiene's writings allow the reader to deepen and enrich their practice of the Reiki Precepts, meditations, hands-on-healing, symbols and mantras, to cultivate mindfulness, healing, compassion, and love. ~ Elise Brenner, founder and executive director of Celebration of Reiki, Inc

I love this book. Frans Stiene has written another inspirational book, his depth of knowledge about Reiki and ability to share this knowledge in words we can understand is a gift to us. Reiki Insights is perfect for anyone wishing to deepen their Reiki Meditation practice, just pick a chapter, read and meditate. ~ Helen Galpin - Co-founder of The British School of Meditation

This book is a treasure box, full of magnificent bright precious stones - insights. You can open the box whenever you like and pick a stone whichever appeals to you at the moment. Every stone is there to read, to play with and to connect to. In the end they all inspire you to get in touch with your True Nature - to feel the gratitude, the beauty and the love that you really are! ~ Anya van Til - Reiki Waters The Netherlands

From a holistic nursing perspective, Reiki Insights is an exceptional read for all Reiki practitioners working in the field of healthcare. Each concise chapter is a gentle reminder of how we can embody the precepts in order to live in a compassionate and mindful way. Nurturing compassion within ourselves is the key to avoiding burnout in a healthcare system that is often fraught with stress and worry. Frans Stiene, a phenomenal teacher and author, has once again given us a beautiful gift which lovingly guides us on our path to be true to our way and our being. ~ Helene Williams, BSN, RN, Reiki Teacher/Hospital & Hospice Practitioner

Frans Stiene, acclaimed Reiki teacher, has published an amazing book, Reiki Insights. It is amazing because it is not just a Reiki book. It is a book for all spiritual practitioners, whether Reiki or not. In his clear and compassionate manner, Frans Stiene explains the true meaning of the precepts of Mikao Usui. It is only someone who knows, from his own experience after deep practice, that can do this. We are fortunate indeed to receive Mikao Usui’s inner teachings as a Way to spiritual freedom from Frans Stiene. ~ Harriet Natsuyama, author of The Path Beyond

Frans Stiene
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