Reiki: 200 Q&A for Beginners

Reiki: 200 Q&A for Beginners


If youve ever wondered what Reiki is all about, here all your questions are answered in one handy volume. A complete guide to the way and practice of Reiki, each chapter is categorised by topics. They demystify Attunements, Symbols, Chakras and Distant Healing, and many others. If you have a question about a particular Reiki experience, the answers are here. Whether you are a complete novice or a experienced practitioner, this one stop guide covers everything you need to know.


Lawrence Ellyard's book is an excellent reference guide for Reiki practitioners and anyone interested in a full understanding of Reiki. Comprehensive and insightful, it covers basic questions. It is extremely informative and as a Reiki practitioner, I found it clarified and broadened my knowledge and understanding. Beginners and those just embarking on the spiritual path will find this guide very concise and useful. ~ Laura Attwood, NOVA Magazine

The author is obviously an experienced and successful Reiki teacher and this Q &A format is easy to use for anyone new to Reiki, or just curious about the phenomenon. The questions are divided into topics and cover a whole range of practical and spiritual aspects in a clear and systematic way. From its history, lineages, degrees, attunements and symbols, to self-treatment and treating others, the book explains the options and debunks the myths. There is a lot of sound advice on all those questions you've wanted to ask and on many you'd never even considered... ~ , Pilgrims MBS Magazine

I feel these two books are companions. If the reader is a beginner, one would read the Q and A for beginners and if one is a practitioner and master they would want to have both books in order to assist students of all levels. If you've ever wondered what Reiki is all about, all your questions can be answered in one handy volume. All the questions are clearly set out and are accompanied by comprehensive answers. Questions cover all aspects of Reiki including "What is the difference between a Reiki attunement and a Reiki treatment in terms of energy transference?" and "What happens during the initiations and why do I have my eyes closed?" The Ultimate Reiki Guide gives all the information one would need to become a teacher of Reiki. Divided into two parts this book covers all aspects of Reiki and includes details of running classes with all the practical skills to teach and embody its spiritual path. It has advice on networking your business and starting on the teacher's path, which is described as a start of a new and exciting journey. "It is a journey of self discovery, healing, service and sharing the gentle art of healing with others..." These are two very comprehensive books for all those interested in Reiki at all levels. ~ , Living Now

This is a "must have" guide for the student of Reiki or for anyone interested in learning Reiki or indeed just receiving Reiki distant healing. It is a book with a multitude of uses. I would suggest Reiki practitioners had a few on their bookshelves as they will always come in handy. ~ , Living Traditions

A clear, well written, practical, comprehensive and easy to use guide to all levels of Reiki practice. Interesting from start to finish and a great resource to return to when you need clarification or realignment with the essence of this very special path to healing and happiness. ~ David Vennells, Author of Reiki for Beginners and Reiki Mastery

This unique handbook clearly answers all kinds of questions about Reiki and its practice as well as dispelling any misconceptions. Useful, dependable and highly recommended. ~ Penny Parkes, Author of 15-minute Reiki

Lawrence Ellyard
Lawrence Ellyard Lawrence Ellyard is the CEO and Founder of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. With over 15 years working as a natural...
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