Pulp Med

Pulp Med

Meet modern medicine. According to her you are nothing but an organic machine. And if you are a machine then your society is nothing but a factory. Pulp Med sets out to correct these established erroneous and dangerous health perceptions.


In a world where health systems collapse one after another, where big pharmaceutical interests pull the strings of science and politics and where charlatans promising marvelous cures abound, who can you really trust? 

Every day, thousand of great medical opportunities are lost because they don’t serve the established flow of money. Billions of dollars are being thrown into pipelines that turn out to be dead ends. Doctors act like brokers, selling individual and public health to the highest bidder. And that is unacceptable. 

Pulp Med explores the demise of conventional medicine, re-evaluates its fundamentals and highlights the potential for better and more humane mainstream and alternative therapies, some of which are easy to access. There is always a better way, the right way. 


A candid look at the current state of Western medicine, from the viewpoints of the authors,   If one has an interest in learning more about the medical field, this book may not be for you.  Rather, if one wants to see the medical field from a unique perspective, one which does not paint a favorable picture on it, then this book is very much for you.  However, I would read up on medical terms, or at least be prepared to do some research while reading this book. 


~ Jessica Elizabeth, Facing North

I admire what Peter is doing. I certainly admire his writing style, which is lively and compelling.

~ Howard Zinn

The book is going to be a big success. [Argurio's] writing is astounding.

~ George Vithoulkas, Alternative Nobel Laureate

Interesting and provocative information.

~ John Strausbough, Author of

Your book is an excellent summary of many important medicine aspects! Some chapters like Mitochondria, and viruses and vaccines I couldn't stop to read! As I am pregnant (14 weeks) this is something that I have read with full attention.

~ Katharina Aainani

Petros Arguriou
Petros Arguriou Peter Arguriou was born in Salonika, Greece, in 1973. He studied conventional medicine at the University of Athens and quit in the early 90s...
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