Optimized Woman, The

Optimized Woman, The

Using your menstrual cycle to achieve success and fulfillment

If you want to get ahead, get a cycle! For women who want to create life-success in a female way.


If you want to get ahead, get a cycle. The menstrual cycle consists of Optimum Times - days of heightened performance skills and abilities. When we match the task to the time we have the opportunity to excel beyond our expectations. We can achieve goals and success more easily, get ahead in the workplace, and enhance our feelings of fulfilment. The Optimized Woman presents a flexible plan of practical daily actions for self-development, goal achievement and work enhancement, aligned to the phases of the menstrual cycle. This book will totally change how women think about their cycles. It will change how they live their lives, achieve their goals, plan their work and careers, and create happiness and well-being. Miranda Gray lives what she teaches. Her work as the Creative Director of a multimedia company, international workshop facilitator, writer, women's online life-coach and illustrator all revolve around her cycle.


5/5 Stars I absolutely loved this book. To me, the best thing is that it throws a positive light on menstruation. I liked the way each phase of the cycle was described, followed by a list of what abilities the phase brings, what to watch out for, strategies and challenges. Personally, I would use this as a periods reference guide and an ultimate self-help book. This book will be very useful for women who are sensitive to their menstrual cycle ~ Anusha Narasimhan , NetGalley/Goodreads

Enabling women to nurture their life using a uniquely female approach, Miranda Gray shows the remarkable value of the menstural cycle, recognising it as a rich source of practical resources. ~ Cygnus Review

Offers some good guidance. If you’re the kind of person that needs a book to tell you about yourself and you want to know more about your monthly cycle and how it can affect you and how you can harness it and you can get past the rhetoric, then this is a book for you. ~ Robyn, The Druid Network

This an interesting take on the positive side of the menstrual cycle that usually brings most women down just by thinking about it. I enjoyed reading it, and I am looking at putting a cycle in place to manage my self better revolving around my cycle : ) ~ Josefina Corona, NetGalley

This is a personal development system with a difference so anyone implementing the techniques found within the covers 'wiil' succeed in their new projects.   This book needs to be read and then studied in depth but it will take the reader to a different level of understanding their life as it open up their mind to the power that lies within.

~ Diane Morgan, Footprints, The British Reflexology Association

At last a book on creating success specifically designed for women. Miranda offers us exciting new insights on how to make long lasting changes and to dare to live the life we want. I never thought of using the menstrual cycle as a success tool, but I will now! ~ Shila Jassal, Mphil, Master NLP Practitioner and NLP Trainer, UK.

As a male professional business and life coach I can freely relate to many of the concepts and observations you make about how to make best use of the female “phases” during the course of each month. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with many business women who I believe would benefit from understanding this powerful approach rather than fighting with it... ~ Ian Dickson, Master coach, UK, www.action-coaching.co.uk

This book is a must read for any woman who is seeking to maximize her ability to accomplish her dreams and goals by utilizing and understanding the power of her menstrual cycle. Miranda Gray provides a practical tool that teaches women how to appreciate and respect the beauty and power of womanhood and feminine energy. This is an excellent resource for mothers to give to their daughters to help them appreciate the gift of their monthly cycles. ~ Cassandra George Sturges, MA, MA, Psy.D, Author & publisher Triumph and Authentik Beauty Publications

At last a book that teaches us to how to harness the power of our cyclic nature! Miranda Gray has provided us with an indispensable guide to understanding how the variable (often considered inferior) nature of women’s abilities can in fact be an invaluable tool to women and society as a whole. ~ Amy Sedgwick O.T. Reg. (Ont.), Red Tent Sisters, Toronto, www.redtentsisters.ca

Miranda Gray
Miranda Gray Miranda Gray has always been an advocate for the recognition of the cyclic nature of women’s perceptual and practical skills. She is ...
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