Little at a Time, A

Little at a Time, A

Homeopathy for You and Those You Love

Home-treatment with gentle homeopathy for everyday conditions.


Are you interested in helping recover your health with fewer drugs and more natural treatments? Have you ever wanted to use an alternative approach to health? Would you like some real life insight into homeopathy, the gentle form of medicine? A Little at a Time: Homeopathy for You and Those You Love offers: Guidance on the sort of conditions you can safely treat at home; an explanation of what the 'whole person approach' is; suggestions, tips, and recommendations to help you feel more confident with treating your symptoms.


Five Stars: Both Friendly and inspired Mary English has  a trustworthy, no nonsense approach that gives this book a unique feel - it's friendly yet never patronising. In accessible and unpretentious language, she runs through an overview of the history of homeopathy, how it works, and presents numerous case studies to demonstrate the workings of various different remedies. Even though I have used homeopathic remedies for thirty years, I learnt new things - particularly interesting was the cure for a grief and a broken heart. Many years ago I had a dog with all sorts of annoying and strange behaviour; barking to go out incessantly, then to come back in, perhaps 60 or 70 times a day, also eating tissues and paper. A homeopath suggested a remedy, (Sepia) and it worked like magic - the dog stopped eating paper, and the barking reduced to maybe five or six times a day, when she did actually need to go out. Bingo! I was amazed at how effective one remedy was, and obviously a dog knows nothing of the placebo effect. Having realised how effective they can be, I tried homeopathic remedies on my babies with similar success, and have been using them ever since - but rarely as my 4 children and I are all so healthy. I wonder if there's a connection?! Most interesting of all to me in this book were the descriptions of 'proving a remedy' by taking it when healthy to discover what feelings and symptoms it produces. How fascinating, and rather inspired, that Mary has proved remedies using minerals from ancient sites like Stanton Drew - I want to become a volunteer 'prover'! This book is a treasure - I would recommend it to anyone with a general interest in this subject as well as those with some familiarity. ~ Ruth, Amazon UK

Clear guidelines for beginners, 29 Dec. 2015 By red68 This review is from: A Little at a Time: Homeopathy for You and Those You Love (Paperback) Mary English's excellent new book reminds me of some of the Reiki set texts that one reads around the Reiki Course - that is, this is a book that is a clear straightforward introduction to the subject, giving guidelines to those who wish to explore this fascinating subject more fully. There are many currently who knock homeopathy, the reductive scientific lobby seek to, it seems, destroy this ancient practice, but one can only speak as one finds, and those who have had successful experience with homeopathic treatments will attest to the effectiveness. Of course most of these science people are hardened atheists, and really what do they know? Mary English sails on, untroubled by the doubters, assured in her own knowledge and her continuing successes. Astrologer, radio host, musician, homeopath - where will her many talents take her next ? ~ red68, Amazon

This is an excellent book about homeopathy be you a rookie learner or an experienced user for years. Mary has conveyed the gentle and natural holistic healing properties that are the foundation of this science. The extraordinary explanation of proving and yes more is less. Chapter 11 on Mental illnesses is an area that surprised me but so logical.Talk to the patient and find out exactly what caused the upset ,depression and treat the person with one or two remedies, no horrible side effects as with the chemical drugs and think we could save the NHS a fortune ! This is a book that everyone should have a copy on their shelf at home to help treat little ones to elderly parents in the most nurturing way. ~ Jill, Amazon UK

A Little At A Time Even though I have used homeopathy myself for nearly 40 years, I have learnt a lot from this book. When I developed a painful condition a few years ago, I ended up being passed from one puzzled doctor to another who all tried to find a suitable drug to suppress my ‘disease’. Reading Mary English’s book was like finding a friend who understood me, who could work with me as a whole person, rather than against the ‘disease’, as if it were a separate part of me. I’d forgotten how homeopathy can be so empowering. One of the chapters is named ‘Gaining Responsibility for Your Own Health’ and that’s exactly what this book helps you to do. It explains how and why homeopathy works or doesn’t work, and how to self-prescribe safely. The author does not claim that homeopathy works for every condition and she advises on certain symptoms, when to seek advice from the medical profession or to go to hospital. The book contains some useful history, some beneficial case studies, and invaluable practical info. It demonstrates how a complex condition is often caused by a dramatic change that happened in the past. Mary English encourages us to be more self aware, more proactive with looking after ourselves. She also speaks about the miracle of life, how to maintain a healthy balance, as well as how to rebalance after illness, emotional discord, and upsets. She suggests we lighten up about our health and not regard it as a problem. How liberating is that? A Little At A Time is not a heavy tome with extensive reference on every kind of condition. It is an easy to follow guide to treat the sort of things that most families go through, from common coughs and sneezes to a broken heart. All traumas create symptoms of some sort, which can be addressed by using homeopathy and following Mary English’s guidance. “Remember: drugs are made for diseases. Homeopathic remedies are made for people.” Highly recommended ~ Little Birdie, Amazon

Mary's book is comprehensive and gives good detail, covering the history of homeopathy, her own story with homeopathy, various case histories and a list of suggestions. Yet it is also really easy to read. I found myself getting really into it and even made a few discoveries about myself . Having read this I am definitely interested even more in the subject and will refer to this for personal recommendations and suggestions. There is also a very helpful list at the back of other helpful books and related material. I would recommend this book. ~ Holly, Amazon UK

" I personally recommend "Little at a Time" as I use homeopathic medicine, and this is a fantastic reference and guide. I have several books on homeopathy, but none come close to Mary English's refreshing read which is vibrantly easy to use and has excellent tips." Laura Allan ~ Laura Allan, email

"A Little at a Time - Homeopathy for you and those you love" by Mary English is a brilliant book to spark an interest in Homeopathy. It is for anyone who has been a little curious and wants a deeper understanding of how it works and how to use it confidently at home. Mary English gives a brief background into the history and philosophy of Homeopathy and explains the reasons for the rather polarising views about it found in the media today. Her passion for this healing system is infectious and this shines through in her writing. The title may be "A little at a time" but I felt compelled to romp through it in one sitting. The excellent section on First Aid clarifies what can and can't be treated at home and even how to use Homeopathy on your way to hospital for more serious injuries. She is no-nonsense about fevers, suspected meningitis and offers very valuable information about recognising the symptoms of a stroke. She unravels the mysteries of why a Homeopathic remedy can treat a whole raft of seemingly unrelated conditions. Different remedies express illness in different ways and it is matter of finding the remedy that matches your headache or sore back. She emphasizes that people are not their illnesses and should not be labelled as such. Homeopathy treats the disease as a process the person is going through rather than being an asthmatic or a migraine sufferer. The top ten remedies chapter is well worth keeping in your first aid box for ready access. English gives clear instructions on how to administer doses and when to stop dosing. This instills confidence in anyone wishing to try this at home. Most importantly this book touches areas that are often neglected in an introductory book. There is a very helpful chapter on supporting women or a couple through an unplanned pregnancy. There is information to give the birth partner something useful to do while assisting women through labour. Her chapter on mental wellness is frank and offers some excellent tips on keeping everything in the mental sphere shipshape. She offers pointers on what you can try at home and when to seek professional help. Sleep disturbance, grief and anxiety are all addressed here. Humour is not something you would expect from a book like this but I found myself having a good chuckle occasionally. English recommends a dose of Sulphur 30c to those of us with messy bedrooms in need of de-cluttering! I will give it a try.... Spiritual crises are not something that can be dealt with in your average GP visit but it fits comfortably into the realm of homeopathy and Mary explains why and how. Physical, mental and spiritual health allow the human to reach their greatest potential and with "A Little at a Time" this seems within the grasp of anyone willing to explore this healing system. ~ Odette Rowe, Amazon/Newsletter Subscriber

Mary English’s book introduces a lifestyle that is friendly and catering to the individual needs of a person. She has a comforting/friend-like way of writing that I really liked. If you have been sick for a long time, been on lots of conventional medication (or know someone who is) but looking for less destructive ways to live a healthier life, this book is for you. I am from Korea, and never experienced Homeopathy. I have much~ trust, respect and gratitude for conventional medication. However, I realized that the side effects of conventional medications were far more destructive than I ever imagined. I have a family member that suffers from various illnesses (cancer, anyeurism, depression, high blood name a few). You may gain years to your life but lose almost everything else that makes life worth living. This book is perfect for beginners in Homeopathy. It is easy to read and understand. I actually came out of reading this book feeling that.. I’ve been introduced to an alternative way of “well being” that is actually.. fun. Two thumbs up! ~ Bella, Doe

This well researched book describes in an easy to read, informal and straightforward way the history of homeopathy and how it can help people today. The research sits well with the rich personal experience that is also in the text. Both beginners who have little knowledge of homeopathy, and people that have used homeopathy for some time and want a better knowledge of the history and principles can benefit from reading this book. Chapter 5 - What Not to Treat at Home lays out what symptoms to look out for with different conditions, when to seek medical help and what remedies will help you and yours while you wait for that help to arrive; this clearly demonstrates the place that homeopathy has in our lives. The wealth of experience that Mary draws on to illustrate her points is really helpful in understanding the principles behind effective self prescribing. I found it engaging and I wanted to keep reading so that I could understand homeopathy better and benefit more from this wonderful complementary medicine. Although I now feel better equipped to self prescribe for things like colds, headaches etc I still feel a little muddled about how to prioritise symptoms when self prescribing, maybe I need to read the book again - or maybe relax a little, as even if I use the wrong remedy the worst that can happen is ‘no change’ and I can then try the other remedy that I had in mind. Or maybe I do it in the French way described in the book and give both remedies that I had in mind! I found this book easier to read and to understand than other books that I’ve read on homeopathy. Chapter 11 on mental problems is very interesting, this if the first book on homeopathy that I’ve read to look at this issue in such depth with so many useful insights and examples of what to treat, how to treat it and when to find medical help. This is such a well researched and engaging book, Mary draws on her wealth of experience to help us to understand how to use homeopathy effectively in every day life. ~ Amazon Customer, Amazon US

Easy for me to understand. I like her writing style, the personal examples, and the simplicity here. I would suggest this book to anyone interested in learning about Homeopathy who doesn't want to be overwhelmed. Excellent resource! Thank you Mary English! Her writing style is very engaging too! ~ Barbara Tako , Amazon

This book I feel will appeal to anyone who is interested in looking further into homeopathy or indeed already using homeopathy as a complementary way of treating their illness/symptoms and as a guidance/reference. Although I have used homeopathy for many years, I found I gained clarity on how to work out what remedy to use. For example, although one remedy will work for quite a few different ailments it’s about looking at the person as a whole not just a symptom – this was explained by the author and was easy to understand. The author’s style of writing is what I would call “easy reading” everything was clearly explained and therefore easy to understand. In my opinion, the author covered a great deal in the book from explaining about homeopathy, to remedies, case histories and proving of remedies, and I found this to be very engaging. There is one thing I could say, personally I would like to have seen a list of commonly used remedies and their uses – however in Chapter 9, the author does refer to common complaints such as back pain, coughs and colds etc. and remedies that would be suitable to use so perhaps I am just being slightly pedantic here! I have read other books on homeopathy but I do feel this one has a particular edge to it. I particularly liked the insight into the author’s own provings which I have not found in in similar homeopathy books. In conclusion I would be happy to recommend this book for a beginner and and/or an experienced homeopathy user – there is always something you think you know but actually you don’t. ~ P Jeffery, Amazon UK

In my opinion this is a great book for beginners. I don't know much about Homeopathy, but after reading this book I am definitely interested in the subject. The conventional medicine these days just doesn't feel right to me, it's wrong to pump up people with so many drugs for no reason, it's just wrong, hence my interest in Homeopathy. In my opinion this is a great book for beginners, it's very easy to understand, covers the basics and is a very fast read. The author explains how and why it works. It was fascinating to me to get to know that homeopaths test their remedies on healthy people, who are supervised, they also write journals about their feelings, emotions, physical conditions during the testing. Few weeks later the homeopaths collect everybody's notes and and start discussing symptoms, differentiating and the symptoms the remedy produces in a healthy volunteer are indication of what the remedy may cure. The process is called 'proving'. Mary English talks about how to treat everyday diseases at home, pregnancy, contraception and so much more. I have to admit I went to Whole Foods today and bought some, can't wait to try them! I also liked the fact that she talks a lot about her cases and experience, it makes the book more personal, therefore more interesting. I will definitely recommend it to friends, family and people who are looking for alternative methods of healing. ~ Daniela W. , Amazon US

If you are interested in Homeopathy and want to know more, this is a very good place to start. Although relatively short, the book is a thorough introduction covering history, principles and application, with sections on how remedies are prescribed and how they are made and a number of real life case histories, in fact it’s quite amazing how much the author manages to pack in. As a practising homeopath herself, Mary English quotes a number of cases which clearly illustrate the efficacy of this modality, not least the childhood sufferer of hay fever who was treated conventionally, developed eczema, conventionally treated again, and in later years there followed anxiety, depression, a bipolar diagnosis and diabetes, showing how through conventional treatment such conditions can be driven in to one’s system. Thankfully, as an adult this individual received homeopathic treatment which helped her a great deal. Mary explains the contrast in approach between conventional medicine, where a diagnosis is needed before treatment can start, to homeopathy, where it is the totality of the person who is treated, and as such, treatment is tailored to the individual and can begin straight away. Her deep love of homeopathy comes through, as does her compassion, and the book is infused with common sense. If you are a dabbler, and want to prescribe to friends and family for first aid you may need something more along the lines of Miranda Castro’s Homeopathy Handbook, but A Little at a Time is invaluable in that it will deepen your understanding before you embark on your journey. I have been using homeopathy for over 25 years and have come to know that it is both gentle and very powerful, and you get a real sense of that from this book. ~ Lisetta T, Amazon UK

I love your writing style, it has a way of pulling you in and I particularly like the anecdotes and cases to illustrate more difficult concepts. I was fascinated by the proving section and found it so much easier to understand the whole premise of Homeopathy and it's endless solutions and the user pages are very clear and easy to follow. ~ Lucy-Sian Clark

FIVE STARS I found this to be an excellent reference book on homeopathy, especially as I’m not a homeopath myself but am very interested in it and wanted to know more. I like how this book gives an overview of homeopathy’s beginnings in the 18th Century, to how it has progressed today, as well as giving personal accounts and experiences of people homeopathy has helped. There’s a great section on remedies too, and I particularly liked the chapter on everyday diseases and complaints and how to recognise and treat them. This book is well written and easy to read. It’s very accessible and has a lot of practical advice and homeopathic remedies, as well as detailed information and an entire chapter on provings. Fascinating stuff. I had no idea what that entailed and loved reading about all the different provings the author had undertaken and the conclusions she drew from them. A Little At a Time deals with physical, mental and spiritual dis-ease and gives many remedies for every-day problems — it’s a great book to keep for dipping into when needed. I can definitely recommend this. ~ Kay Leitch

I enjoyed reading this book, the writing style makes it seems as though there is a conversation in progress, very engaging. The author goes into quite a lot of detail about homeopathic history, provings, both through researched information and those she has carried out herself which is very interesting although I would query quite so much detail on this subject for a book of this nature which I would have described as a guide to using homeopathy at home. There is a lot of helpful information about self prescribing, the rational behind it, ascertaining one's own response to a situation or illness and choosing a remedy accordingly. I found that helpful along with the explanations about the strengths of remedy, frequency of administering and when to stop. The author has provided a list of common health issues and suggested remedies both for First Aid situations , pregnancy, birth and the more general coughs and colds type of situation, covering dosages for adults and for children. I feel that this is a good introduction to home use of homeopathy, a general guide with good pointers and reading it will provide an open mind with a new tool for improving health, and may even fire up a new found passion. ~ Amazon Customer, Amazon UK

Mary is an experienced homoeopath who has now written this excellent text. She draws on her deep knowledge of homoeopathy as a way to heal and her many years of treating patients. The book is suffused with the essence of homoeopathic philosophy combined with insights from her own practice. I can thoroughly recommend this book for anyone interested in the true meaning of health and how homoeopathy can help us attain it. ~ Dr Stephen Gascoigne, Medical doctor, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Author of The Prescribed Drug Guide – A Holistic Perspective

A Little at a Time is a charming little book! A highly readable introduction to the kinds of healing possible with homeopathy, it covers all the basics. It includes interesting anecdotes, advice on remedies for self-help situations, and lots of good advice on healthy living in general. It’s a great book for the curious person who knows that "all is not well” with conventional health care and is intrigued by what homeopathy may have to offer. ~ Amy L. Lansky, PhD, Author of Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy and Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within

Mary English has given us an excellent introductory book on homeopathy. She explains the basic principles clearly and concisely but with enough background to add some depth of understanding. The reader can begin at once to prescribe for everyday problems, while understanding when professional help is needed. Written in a friendly, conversational tone, this book is a pleasure to read. ~ Alan V. Schmukler, Editor - Homeopathy 4 Everyone

A very well written book. A must read for everybody who intends to know what Homoeopathy is all about. Very simple to understand and a delight to read. Her remedy indications with tips are worth remembering. ~ Dr. Farokh J Master M.D.(Hom), Author of The Homeopathic Dream Dictionary

Mary has written a great introduction to Homeopathy. I like the book, especially her personal development in homeopathy. It is very simple and easy to read. ~ Jan Scholten, M.D. Medical Doctor in Homeopathy, Researcher, Writer, Author of Homoeopathy and the Elements (Homeopathie en de Elementen)

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