Integrative Healing

Integrative Healing

Merging with Modern Medicine

Taking the CAM therapists' game up a notch. A practical, common-sense guide for creating a more professional look.


Integrative Healing is a term used when referring to the merging of Complementary or Alternative Medicine (CAM) and Modern Medicine. The consumer benefits from taking the best of both health worlds and using those talents to have optimal health.
Integrative Healing: Merging with Modern Medicine explains in common language to practitioners what Modern Medicine is looking for - from us - when we engage as a member of the healthcare team. Many CAM practitioners feel and know that their chosen healing path or scope of practice can assist their clients. It is out of this act of compassion that they want to share their skills within the modern medical community. It is a way to re-insert human-ness back into our computerized and technical medical care systems.


Integrative Healing: Merging with Modern Medicine is a valuable tool for any and all practitioners in the Alternative/Complementary/Integrative field. As a conventional physician, who is also interested in Reiki, I believe this book is timely. Hospitals are looking to cut costs, improve outcome, and improve patient satisfaction. Patients are looking for more human connection within the health care system. Integrating conventional medicine with complementary techniques such as Reiki, Aroma Therapy, Music Therapy, Acupuncture and other Energy based modalities can improve patient completion rates with courses of conventional techniques that can be daunting from the patient perspective. These techniques also assist in continuing to care when cure is not possible, without utilizing high cost and in some cases medically ineffective techniques misused in the name of "hope." The authors experience in working with conventional healthcare workers can assist those skilled in complementary modalities in being collaborative. When we have integrated all evidence supported approaches, we do the best job for patients.   ~ Harold Bob MD CMD, Medical Director Seasons Hospice of Maryland

Lorinda Weatherall
Lorinda Weatherall Lorinda Weatherall been a Natural Health and Wellness Mentor in the Barrie, Ontario area since 1995. Her love of science culminated in a B...
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