Healing Your Spine

Healing Your Spine

Learn to Live Without Back Pain

Massage therapist and healer offers exercises and mindfulness techniques to conquer back problems.


Healing Your Spine is the first book about curing and preventing back pain which is based on energetic medicine. It shows the connecting links between all possible causes of back pain -physical, emotional, mental and energetic - and offers exercises and treatment techniques which are highly effective, safe and easy to learn and put into practice. Practising these exercises will both help you reach an altered state of consciousness and integrate it into your daily life. It will also equip you with the tools to help others. Freed from pain and suffering, you will be able to access the Life Force within you. Stefan Rippel is a qualified Massage Therapist and Healer who has worked for over twenty years in the field of back problems.


What makes Healing The Spine such a got to have it book, is that everybody has, or at least knows someone who has back pain. As the supportive structure in our bodies the spine has much to tell us about the way we live our lives and how we can improve our situations. This book has the reader delve into the way we live and how we can improve life for ourselves and for our loved ones without becoming a medical back specialist. It could well have you take a look at things, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, that you didnot even realise were related to your back pain, very revealing! After reading this book you can have a healthier back and a healthier life! Highly recommended. ~ June-Elleni Lane,Light Magazine

This book shows what a serious healer Stefan Rippel has become and how thoroughness leads to compassionate care for patients. ~ Rev. Rosalyn L. Bruyere, Director of the Healing Light Centre, Sierra Madre CA, author of Wheels of Light

Womenopause: Stop Pausing and Start Living by Lovera Miller, David Miller

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