Belly Dance for Health, Happiness and Empowerment

Belly Dance for Health, Happiness and Empowerment

Shimmy and shake your way to a healthier lifestyle.


The intention of this book is to inspire men & women to enhance their self-awareness, to overcome common health problems and improve their health and general wellbeing through the ancient art of the belly dance. It helps readers to understand how the body works, the root causes of illness and how by taking up belly dancing it will help to stimulate the body's healing process, restore and enhance their appearance, revitalize, rejuvenate and help to promote a longer life expectancy and independence in old age.


Having read many dozens of books on belly dancing I finally find one focusing on keeping healthy through dancing- very well researched and so easy to read, no doctor could have done better. Dancers from all kinds of dance have to benefit from reading it. ~ Professor Alkis Rafkis, President - International Dance Council CID Unesco

The book on Belly Dancing by Tina Hobin was understandable throughout, particularly the dance routines at the back of the book, I had a back problem some years ago and joined Tina's class and after time my back certainly improved, so much so even to-day I give no thought to my back injury, Belly dancing exercises are generally good toning for the body. You can do them any time and feel vigourated and happy daily. Every woman should join classes and would lose weight and get fitter. This book is a Must Buy! ~ Jo Sothers

I have read with interest Tina's most recently published book Belly Dance for Health Happiness and Empowerment. I can only say well written Tina.So much information is given about how to use Belly Dance for a women's health and personal benefit. The reasons why and how to use these movements is condensed and clearly explained . In the book can be found an appropriate exercise that will help many medical and physical conditions. This book has an amazing fund of knowledge and could be well used to keep a body fit and well. Do buy the book and start learning to Belly Dance at home. As a retired Physiotherapist I find some exercises useful to do at home. Belly Dance is a sisterhood and many would help you if you were to join a class. I hope you all enjoy this book as much as I.Thank you Tina for your friendship classes and fun in the past. I am still as keen to watch learn and enjoy as I grow older. ~ Anne Hawes

Tina Hobin
Tina Hobin Tina Hobin pioneered the belly dance in the UK and is affectionately described as Mother of the Belly Dance. She is acknowledged as one of t...
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