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Taken from So You Want to be a Healer, Billy Roberts, Published by Ayni Books, 2012

It is known to anyone with an understanding of the fundamental principles of Thought Dynamics, that an individual on the other side of the world can be psychologically influenced without them having any knowledge of what is happening. The concept of Distant Healing is by no means new and the process has been used by many philosophical and religious traditions, and even today is still used by many Spiritualist and other practising healers.


• Sit comfortably, preferably on a chair with a straight back, ensuring that your legs are not crossed and your feet are on the floor, side by side.

• Make sure that your neck and head are as nearly in a straight line as possible, with your shoulders thrown slightly back and your hands resting lightly on your lap with your eyes closed.

• Breathe rhythmically until the rhythm is fully established, ensuring that the inhalations and exhalations are evenly spaced.

• At this point make no attempt to empty your mind, but simply allow the thoughts to come and go, at the same time resisting the temptation to think of anything in particular.

• Remain like this for at least ten minutes, and then allow your mind to drift from your breathing until you become almost unconscious of it.

• Allow your senses to mentally scan your surroundings, and endeavour to be totally aware of everything around you.

• Be aware of every sound, every fragrance, and even feel the pressure of the air around against your skin. In other words, be totally aware of where you are, and who you are.

• Allow all sensations of smell, sound and feeling to be processed by all your senses, and for a moment try to become totally detached from your body, to the extent that you feel that you could leave your body at any time.

• Try to remain as still as possible, and then slowly be aware of your breathing again. As you breathe in allow your stomach to rise, and when you breathe out allow it to fall. In fact, allow this rhythm to be maintained whilst your body remains perfectly still.

• Allow this exercise to slowly fade, and when you feel you are ready open your eyes and sit there for a few minutes longer whilst gathering your thoughts.

It is quite normal to feel slightly disorientated for a few moments, but this should clear very quickly. Before attempting the following exercise you should repeat the preparation process each day for at least a week. All meditation periods should commence and conclude with some rhythmic breathing, to clear the mind and sharpen the senses.


Before beginning to create the Thought Form you should spend a few minutes contemplating on the person to whom it is to be sent. Remember, because you have created it the Thought Form will possess the same power you yourself possess, and once released it will carry all that power, in the blinking of an eye, directly to the person for whom it is intended. Look upon the Thought Form as a missile and your mind as the missile launcher.


• Because of the sensitive nature of this process, before beginning it would be a good idea if you were to create a sacred space, either in a specially prepared corner of the garden, or just in a specifically selected part of a room in your home.

• Creating a thought form in this way requires total concentration and focus, and so it sometimes helps to place a lighted candle in front of you, about three feet away, and as close to eye level as possible. Also, to help create the correct ambience it helps to burn some pleasant incense.

• Light the candle and spend a few minutes gazing at the tip of the flame. Think of nothing in particular, but at the same time make no attempt to prevent the thoughts from passing through your consciousness, as this merely defeats the object of the whole exercise.

• Begin to breathe rhythmically, ensuring that the inhalations and exhalations are evenly spaced, and that you do not strain it or make it a labour.

• Allow your thoughts to drift away from the flame, but at the same time ensuring that your eyes are still fixed on the tip of it, almost as though you are daydreaming.

• Continue this mental process for ten minutes, or for as long as is comfortable, and then allow the image of the person who is to receive the healing to gradually come into your mind. Now, slowly close your eyes.

• The after image of the flame of the candle will soon appear in your mind’s eye. Allow this to persist whilst focusing on the image of the person who is to receive the healing.

• Focus on the person for as long as the after-image of the flame persists in your mind, and when this fades make every effort to make his or her image as clear as possible.

• See the person glowing with health and vitality. Hold this image for a further five minutes, and then breathe-in deeply, and when you breathe out allow it all to fade from your mind.

• Spend a further five minutes just imbibing the peace and quiet.

And then, when you feel ready open your eyes.

Although healing in this way is very often spontaneous, actually creating the Thought Form takes time, patience and determination. In order for the Thought Form to be fully activated, you will need to retreat to your Sacred Space at least once a day, more if time permits. Remember, you are endeavouring to create a concentrated force that will perform in your absence; therefore you must slowly empower it by systematically infusing it with all the power of your will. Once created and released, you must be certain that it is discharged with the correct intentions – in this case to heal.

Of course Thought Forms can be created for many different reasons; their power and force is solely dependent upon you. For this reason you must approach the whole mental process with great respect, always remembering the precept: ‘Curses and Blessings Come Home to Roost!’ Should you ever create a Thought Form with the sole intention of inflicting harm on another person, it will rebound from them and return immediately to you, gathering force from the impact! This is the Law of Attraction; a law which is both right and just!


You are the architect of your own destiny by the way you think. This precept is an integral part of esoteric philosophy, and what you are is a reflection of how you think should always be borne in mind when endeavouring to follow a spiritual path. Thoughts crystallise into habit, and habit eventually solidifies into circumstances.

It is easier to change the way you think than it is to change your circumstances. Given that your thoughts form the very foundation of your circumstances, you can prepare your future circumstances now by the way you think.

The various waves of thought produced and discharged by each individual form thought strata in the psychic space, in very much the same way that clouds form groups in the atmosphere. But this does not mean that each stratum of thought occupies a section of space to the exclusion of all other thought clouds. On the contrary, the particles of thought of which the clouds are created are of different degrees of vibration; and so the same space may be filled with thought matter of a trillion kinds, passing freely and interpenetrating each other without interference.

Each particle of thought draws to itself thought matter of a similar kind. Districts, towns, cities and nations are permeated by the thoughts of those who live or have lived throughout time, and these influence the minds of all those who come within their radiance. This in fact is one of the fundamental principles of Quantum physics, and is a law that is in constant operation all through our lives. In a similar way old houses are affected by the same phenomenon. The bricks and mortar structure of old buildings are in fact impregnated by the thoughts, feelings and emotions of all those who have lived within their confines. The electromagnetic atmosphere of a building is able to ‘record’ images and sounds, in much the same way as the process of recording images and sounds on video and audio tapes. Occasionally the electromagnetic energy field is precipitated causing the illusion of a ghostly apparition or an eerie cacophony of disembodied sounds. However, these are simply recordings somehow ‘locked’ in what is sometimes called the ‘Stone Tape’ phenomenon, eerie manifestations of a so-called ‘haunted house’.

Thought Forms are in fact created through the same process, and by focusing the attention on something for any length of time, one is able to mentally create and release an incredibly powerful force. In all cases, the mind is the common denominator, and a powerful entity the potential of which is still as yet to be fully realised. If, as they say, ‘the mind can put you into an early grave,’ then through the same process, it can also heal and increase one’s longevity.

ISBN: 978-1-78099-166-5, $14.95 / £9.99, paperback, 125pp

EISBN: 978-1-78099-167-2, $9.99 / £6.99, eBook

This book is the perfect handbook for all aspiring healers, containing easy to follow exercises and meditations to help cultivate the healing skills. The book explores the scientific as well as the metaphysical facts, with a detailed analysis of the different types of healing methods, ranging from magnetic and pranic healing, to spiritual and mental healing. Through antiquity gifted individuals have administered healing to the sick, from the Biblical accounts of Jesus, to the more radical practises of Rasputin the so-called Mad Monk. Why do some people possess that certain something that they are able to impart to others? What is personal magnetism, and why is that a powerful healing force? Apart from the exercises to help with the development of healing skill, So You Want To Be A Healer? Analyses the actual process, with a detailed look at the chakra system and the subtle anatomy. Eastern masters used the term Prana to describe all energy in the universe; this book explains how this energy may be harnessed to be used to heal others at a great distance.

Billy has been psychic since he was a child when seeing so-called dead people was commonplace to him. Billy left school in 1962 to live the dream, playing lead guitar in a rock band touring Europe with some of the biggest names in the world of music. He was forced to return to the UK in 1970 when his growing use of narcotics caused his health and childhood illness to deteriorate. It was at the lowest part of his life that the ‘Spirit World’ came back with a vengeance, and although now very ill, he just knew that he was not going to die. Billy began serving Spiritualist Churches all over the UK. He soon became nationally known and respected, and in 1984 he established The Thought Workshop, the North West of England’s first Centre for Psychic and Spiritual Studies and Alternative Therapies. In 2003 he opened the Billy Roberts Paranormal Study Centre in Penny Lane, London. Also in 2003 he was commissioned by Sony Games to feature in a documentary to promote their new Playstation 2 Game Ghost Hunter, filmed at various locations in New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico. Since then he has appeared on television worldwide and has more recently spent 12 months on the popular television programme Most Haunted. He has currently been working on a new television series Living with Angels and Demon.

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